Video: Proof Obama Deserted Americans In Benghazi

Part 2 of Western Journalism’s analysis of Obama’s sham report, the “Benghazi Accountability Report” issued on December 17 that exposes his treasonous actions. Click here for Part 1

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5 comments to Video: Proof Obama Deserted Americans In Benghazi

  • Guest

    FIVE–count 'em–FIVE videos today by my favorite Rabid Rodent of the Right.

    I love every moment of your miserable existence, Krissypoo. You are living, breathing scum. and for the holiday, I wish you all the misery and ugliness you share here daily.

    • Jeanette

      Typical liberal. It's okay to murder people, as long as they aren't fellow liberals. But if you MENTION such murder, you're scum.

    • BEK

      Truth hurts, and facts hurt. The mere fact that a vermin like yourself even comes on here to post tells me that this site gets under your skin. BTW, I love every minute of your miserable existence too jackoff. You leftists can NEVER debate anyone based on facts. Just because this information isn't shown on Mr I get a thrill up my legs network, doesn't mean that it hasn't happened. It just means that you're an arrogant ignorant leftist commie puke who needs to GTF out of this great country. Cause when the Sh*t hits the fan, douches like you will be cowering in the corner somewhere in your moms F'n basement typing Krissypoo on your laptop. Do us all a favor and BLOW!!!!! That is all for now, I'm sure I'll see your miserable existence back on here again some other time you POS!!

    • Justicewillawaken

      Why don't you go out and play in nearest freeway?

      You are in denial. One day .. when Obama faces
      the sentencing for his crimes, you will still be in denial.

      When he admits he is a muslim hired for this
      particular crime against America, admits he is
      a destroyer of good, an underground terrorist,

      even then you will not believe a word of it.
      You will say he was tortured so that he had
      to lie to save his mutant hide.

      And then, oh, Guest, when you are facing
      Judgment Day, because the freeway
      playtime did you in,

      you will say to the Creator, in whom you don't
      believe, that you never knew Obama.

      That you never followed his agenda with
      drooling mouth and nasty words.

      I can't wait to see that day. Darn.. guess I
      have to, since it isn't going to be this year.

  • busyboots

    This, just another thing from this Administration that makes no sense, but is not surprising. No worries, the MSM will cover up as necessary. I majored in Journalism, 60 years ago, and then, there was never a thought that what has happened to today's Journalism, could happen. It makes me want to "explode" all over these jerks.