Ignore Piers Morgan And The Other Puppets

62 Ignore Piers Morgan And The Other Puppets

I don’t think Piers Morgan’s viewers are smart enough to know, or proud enough to admit, that he and all talking heads on cable news are being fed talking points. Is anyone naïve enough to believe that CNN, Fox, or MSNBC are in business to actually inform us? Cable news networks are corporate entities as well as special interest mouthpieces.

Since the tragedy in Connecticut, news networks are out in full force pushing their agendas in order to cause us to have selective outrage. The unhinged and easily manipulated Piers Morgan is a perfect puppet for this task. And to network executive’s luck, the Sandy Hook school massacre  couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time. It’s the holiday season, and networks charge companies more for primetime advertising.

The ruling establishment in Washington sees this situation as an opening too. It’s a holiday sweeps week, and networks are busy sensationalizing the massacre. The nation is still overly emotional, and progressives are moving faster to take away more liberties from Americans. The best way a tyrannical government can avoid a threat of an overthrow, is to disarm its citizens. We already have drones, satellites, the NSA, and internet search engines watching and recording our every move. A lot of us are fooled into thinking it’s better for our safety. We recently gave the establishment more power over us and our bodies with government-controlled healthcare. We also just saw the government fight back against citizens fighting against harmful drugs, vaccines, genetically-modified foods, and fluoridation of our water supply. A lot of us were fooled into thinking it’s better for our health. We recently watched the establishment buy up our financial institutions and auto industries. We were fooled into thinking it’s to protect us from corporate greed.

Why were we fooled? We’re being spoon-fed government propaganda by puppets like Piers Morgan, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, and John Stewart. If everyone was in agreement, there’d be no need for political commentary, and the government would have a harder time taking down the Republic. A commentator’s job is to confuse the public into thinking the other side is at fault, when in reality, both sides are the establishment. Government is the problem. It’s never been a Right/Left thing. Why do you think lifelong bureaucrats are against term limits, debt ceilings, and balanced budget amendments?

It’s time to start paying more attention to citizen journalism. It’s sad that local newspapers and television news have also been swallowed up by bigger companies which have government influence. Sites like Western Journalism have plenty of knowledgeable people who are talented enough to start our own news reporting organizations that are free from bias or corporate and government influence.

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