UK Automaker Fires Chaplain To Appease Non-Christians

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After spending the past decade guiding and counseling employees of luxury car manufacturer Bentley, a Christian chaplain was unceremoniously fired in an apparent attempt to avoid offending those of other faiths.

To add insult to the dismissal, Bentley let the reverend go just days before Christmas.

“It is just beyond belief,” the chaplain said, explaining his role was not limited to helping Christians.

His job at Bentley was not proselytizing, he explained, noting he provides “counseling to workers who have stresses at home such as broken marriages” and strives to help individuals of all faiths.

“Everyone thinks it is quite ridiculous,” he continued. “There have been no complaints against me and my position is to help people and not just those who are Christians.”

Without forewarning, he said his superiors instructed him to vacate the premises to make room for what the company calls “a multi-faith outlook.”

The chaplain’s former employer might be worried about offending a vocal minority, but Bentley has now upset a great number of employees instead.

A group of workers signed a petition to reinstate the chaplain and, as one of his supporters said, “Everyone is really angry about it.”

According to a retired employee who witnessed the chaplain’s work, he was dedicated to his job and “was there for a lot of people.” He recalled one particular incident involving a suicidal coworker, explaining the reverend “turned him around.”

There is obviously no mandate forcing companies to employ Christian chaplains and it is the prerogative of Bentley executives to fire whomever they so choose. This does present a case study in shortsighted decisions many leaders make to appease rabble rousers.

A man trying to better himself by helping those around him was fired on the spot because some with different religious beliefs objected to his presence. As one thinks of the countless agencies—many of which consist of fire, rescue, and other high-risk professions that offer the services of a chaplain—it becomes clear such positions are vulnerable everywhere they exist.

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  • Jeanette

    We are more than likely speaking of Muslims here, and if so, it shows how cowardly Bentley is that they won't say it. Christians have been far too quiet for far too long. Now the Muslims are murdering whole population of Christians in several places in the world, and their eye is on us here. How much longer is the official stance on Islam going to be: "Islam is the Religion of Peace"?