Publication Of Gun Owners’ Names, Addresses Gives Conservatives Ammunition

Miss America w shotgun Creative Commons Evil Erin1 Publication of Gun Owners’ Names, Addresses Gives Conservatives Ammunition

One of the odd things about the rag Journal News’ “interactive map” releasing the names and addresses of thousands of gun owners in New York is that the reporter who wrote the article is not listed on this “interactive map.”

In fine print on the article/map there is the following little blip: “Editor’s note: Journal News reporter Dwight R. Worley owns a Smith & Wesson 686 .357 Magnum and has had a residence permit in New York City for that weapon since February 2011.”

Why then is Dwight R. Worley not on the map? Well, the newspaper only services  Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties and the reporter doesn’t live in these counties. Where does he live? He lives in a suburb outside of Queens.

How convenient.

Apparently it’s okay to have a gun in Queens but not in the “safer” area outside of New York City.

Although you wouldn’t know it by the massive amount of crime in these counties.

But what comes around goes around. A local blogger has published his own “interactive” map listing names and addresses of the reporters and editors at the Journal News. But he’s one-upped the Leftist mouthpiece: his interactive map comes with not only names and addresses, but photos of the employees as well.

The Left is incensed at the “lawlessness” of said blogger. It’s like Obama’s recent statement that he likes having armed guards to protect his daughters, but balks at NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre calling for the same for everyone else’s children.

Their message: It’s good for me, but not for thee.

But the conservative blogger is sending another message: Lefties beware—we’re starting to use your tactics.

Someone said that the American revolutionaries lost battle after battle fighting the British on their terms. But when they changed their strategy—that is, to guerrilla warfare—then they started to win battles.

Maybe conservatives can learn from this blogger—and change their strategy as well.

Photo credit: Evil Erin (Creative Commons)

10 comments to Publication Of Gun Owners’ Names, Addresses Gives Conservatives Ammunition

  • william

    Wher are they going to post his name?! I would make it front page story. Since he felt it was apripo to post everyones, it would only seem fitting. What is good for the goose………………………

  • RedSonja2000

    has anyone been threatened or injured as a result of that list of names and addresses?

  • Bloodless Coup

    If the Federal Government can't identify, round up, and deport 11 million illegal aliens, how in the world will they identify and round up 300 million "illegal" gun owners?

    If the Federal Government can't win the "war on drugs", how in the world will our tyrannical Government the win the war on citizens?

    Why do they want to start a war with tax paying, law abiding citizens who are simply exercising their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms anyway?

    I think the Federal Government better think long and hard before they start another war they simply cannot win.

    They work for us, and yet they think they own us.

    Time to clean house in Washington DC.

    • docpshch34

      It's not the Federal Government, It's Democrats!!

    • Sheeple Hearder

      Good answer BC !
      Just like how Italian, Mexican and Chinese all run their business with cash and underground "bartering" so the filthy government can't tax the hell out of any profits needed to keep these Americans solvent and in business, everything else will go underground like money, drugs, guns, prostitution (such as our current elected government "officials") and anything else you can save and preserve.
      This can and will have a very positive effect on how our criminal administration slowly can't collect (steal) more money from us American citizens and they will have no recourse but to jail any "suspected" individuals, which would be ALL Americans and imprison us at the Denver International airport which was dualy built as a mass concentration camp for social control by our illustrious government.
      Everybody go underground !!!!!

  • docpsych34

    A German U-Boat Commander made a good point about Atheists in WW-II. He said he saw a lot of them "praying" when 500 feet below the ocean during a depth-charge attack. I think the same applies to the Gun Hating Democrats when it's 3:00 in the morning and they're under Home Invasion by armed thugs and there's nowhere to run.

  • docpsych34

    A Cop once said that he never met anyone who had been in a "Gun Fight" who wanted a "Smaller" gun.

  • S Rubicon

    Amen. But, you can bet the bank liberals will go after this guy with every gun blazing. They will use legislatures, laws, police departments, corporations, and yes, the media, to portray this man in every evil perspective they can conjure up. Those attacks should also serve as a warning to conservatives that these are the tactics that have been employed by liberals foryears now. Perhaps it really is time to play at their own game.

  • akaspooky

    The people in Russia's Gulags were/are political prisoners. They left the seriously criminal in place for a time, in order for them to prey upon the politically incorrect. Does anyone seriously expect that this game plan will be replaced? Why should it? They keep doing what works. Read Solzhenitsyn if you want to know what the USSA will look like… some time soon.