Video: Conservative Reaction To Gov. Cuomo’s Call For Gun Confiscation

Conservatives react to New York Governor’s “option” of gun confiscation to address gun violence.

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6 comments to Video: Conservative Reaction To Gov. Cuomo’s Call For Gun Confiscation

  • Tatersalad

    ………..and then we have this lunatic Senator who wants to do away with the 2nd. Amendment:

  • GEH

    Doesn't Howdy Doody Jr. realize it was an attempt at confiscation that started the American Revolution? Does he really want another bloody revolution against tyranny? If so, let's get it on !!

  • Dan Stewart

    Just try it little idiot.

  • Ron

    What the heck has gotten in to the minds of the liberals these days, have they forgotten what made this country great?? , why are they trying so hard to turn America into a Communist run country?? Do they think that because they have more money then most of us that we are willing to just let them walk all over us without a fight? Why do they feel that their way of thinking is the only way there is and if we disagree with them then we are nothing but a bunch of irrational individuals who can only do harm to their neighbors.
    I am really confused with the way the left think these days, why is it not 20 years ago believing in God and his teachings were what was best for this country and now that we have a Muslim in the whitehouse everything is just the oppsite. These people are really scarry to me and they are a danger to our great nation.

  • Bloodless Coup

    First comes registration, then comes confiscation, last comes re -education and/or extermination of political dissidents.

    This is the Neo-Marxists 3 part plan.

    1. gun registration
    2. gun confiscation
    3. re-education or extermination of all political dissidents.

  • Bloodless Coup

    If the Federal Government can't identify, round up, and deport 11 million illegal aliens, how in the world will they identify and round up 300 million "illegal" gun owners?

    If the Federal Government can't win the "war on drugs", how in the world will our tyrannical Government the win the war on citizens?

    Why do they want to start a war with tax paying, law abiding citizens who are simply exercising their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms anyway?

    I think the Federal Government better think long and hard before they start another war they simply cannot win.

    They work for us, and yet they think they own us.

    Time to clean house in Washington DC.