America Shouldn’t Become A National Hood 2.0

Nadra Enzi America Shouldnt Become A National Hood 2.0

Stealth socialism and crack shoved my neighborhood down a spiral that ended in its being a wasteland. This is the norm for inner-city America.

Short of burning down crack houses (which a few heroes did nationally) or mobs chasing away Section 8 recipients, all we could do was resist this invasion within laws incapable of handling it.

Thus, our neighborhoods devolved into hoods- unsafe, unsavory, unsustainable hell holes (excuse my momentary breach of G-rated prose.)

America now stands poised to suffer the same fate. If ever there were a time for unity among stakeholders, now is it.

The impeding national hood won’t be the sole creation of ghetto Blacks. Charles Murray of Bell Curve fame has alerted society to Whites just as ghetto.

His book, Coming Apart: The State of White America: 1960-2010, offers a distinctly non-Black vision of the hood 2.0 observed from my vantage.

Ghettoism, exemplified by single-mother households, public vulgarity, and rampant criminality is the final category to fall to integration.

Now, ghetto Blacks and Whites may destroy America as an unlikely united front, while their more civil peers watch in horror.

Our liberal president favors a national hood 2.0 as apparent revenge against an embattled White middle and upper class that sinned by opposing communism, from Truman to Reagan.

Stripping them of their capitalist largess seems his goal, despite painting himself as a champion of the middle class.

Disarming peasants and the petty bourgeois outside his orbit is a relation objective. Private gun ownership is a bit too uppity for socialists, no matter the owner’s color.

Self-styled Black revolutionaries should note with concern impending disarmament alongside reviled moderate and conservative peers.

Absent official politburo membership, their dutiful Democrat vote and genuflection toward DC amounts for naught.

Whites who hoped supporting Obama bought racial absolution for slavery (though they owned no slaves) hope to retain privileges in the new regime.

Sadly, their skin color earns them a “useful idiot” fast track to poverty beside hated White “reactionaries” guilty of supporting traditional marriage, a war on drugs, and other so-called evils.

While we can debate America’s ills ad nauseum, how many feel our standard of living (or that of our children, grandchildren, etc. ) should be reduced as punishment?

Imagine unintended consequences for the liberal legion marching Black off a cliff?

Highlights include:

Which well-paid Black academic radical will leave a cushy White university perch for lower pay and less prestige on the Historically Black college and university (HBCU) chitlin circuit?

Name the traveling militant who’d surrender hefty speaking fees, first-class airfare, and five-star hotel rooms to languish inside community centers and hood churches off the network radar?

Will many Black elected officials offer to accept pay cuts in the name of the “little people” pimped to get into office?

The same goes for their White counterparts, too. America offers quite a gravy train, even for her critics; but do they realize the ride is over after their revolution comes to pass?

It’s that real, folks. Whatever your color, if you feel you have a stake in keeping a prosperous country, look at the hood 1.0 I combat and unite against its national, multi-ethnic upgrade!

We’re so close to an America where color is secondary to character. Constitutional principles and the Judeo-Christian ethic are universal.

Ironically, this standard once carried by the formerly patriotic Left is now held aloft by a real rainbow coalition of centrists, conservatives, and libertarians.

Free markets, old-school values, and civic participation are barriers to a national hood. New delivery systems and safeguards must be evolved; otherwise, hood 2.0 wins by default.

America shouldn’t become a hood 2.0 and won’t if centrists, conservatives, and libertarians unite with at least the urgency of the 1960s civil rights movement- minus stealth socialism that co-opted it.

Just because capitalism was misapplied to American Blacks, women, and others doesn’t justify dooming the nation to becoming a hood 2.0.

Trust me; 1.0 or 2.0, no hood is any good for its captives!

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