Obama Hates America And Must Destroy The Economy

Barack Obama speech 9 SC Obama Hates America and Must Destroy the Economy

For over a year now I’ve been writing about how Barack Obama hates America and is determined to destroy it by first destroying the economy. As I watch the fiscal cliff negotiations or lack thereof, I am still firmly convinced that Obama is still out to destroy our economy and throw the country into chaos. Once that happens, he has every legal edict in place to declare martial law and seize total and absolute control of the nation, thus effectively killing free America and establishing a new socialistic and Islamic America.

I hate conspiracy theories and get annoyed with the people that talk about such conspiracies all the time, but in the case of Obama, it’s not a theory. Everything he has done in his first four years has been detrimental to the US economy. From Obamacare to the stimulus packages to the fiscal cliff issues, they all are economy killers.

Then look at all of the entitlements he has instituted to create more poor people and keep them poor. Remember the lady during the election bragging that she and everyone else in her area had free Obama phones? You don’t think that’s just helping the poor, do you? If you give the poor enough entitlements, they have no need to try to better themselves because they would lose more than they would gain by getting a job and working to provide for themselves.

I have a family member that is living off the government. If she were to get a job and provide for herself and her daughter, she would have to make close to $20 per hour to offset all of the entitlements she would lose.

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