Mommy Angela And Mommy Jennifer Are Ruining Children’s Lives, But Does Anyone Care?

gay pride flag 3 SC Mommy Angela and Mommy Jennifer are ruining children’s lives, but does anyone care?

This story tells us of why lesbians playing make believe with the lives of children is a terrible thing. In Kansas in 2009, three amoral people (two lesbians and a male of unidentified sexual orientation) colluded to create a homemade baby.  The male provided his sperm, and the two lesbian mommies used it to impregnate lesbian “Mommy Jennifer” Schreiner.

The two Mommies, Mommy Angela Bauer and her honey Mommy Jennifer, made contact with the donor (William Marotta) through Craig’s List, saying “We are foster and adoptive parents, and now we desire to share a pregnancy and birth together.”

Presumably using something like a sterile turkey baster, Mommy Jennifer conceived a baby girl. Since all had signed a “legal” document excusing Marotta of any obligation to financially support the baby, the two Mommies thought they would live happily ever after. If things went wrong if need be, the State of Kansas would ultimately support their “We don’t need a man to have a baby” baby.

When the little girl was born, Mommy Jennifer refused to name her father on her birth certificate.

When the Mommy Angela and Mommy Jennifer “family” broke up, Mommy Jennifer applied for and got welfare payments to support the little girl.

Now the State of Kansas has stepped in to demand the welfare payments back. They want the money from Marotta.

The amoral trio is appalled! “Why, WE all agreed Bill would not be responsible for the baby. WE made this baby and the State’s only part in our life is paying for the child we made without a man – well kind of ‘without a man’” the Mommies are saying.

These mommies were allowed to “adopt” eight children during their eight years together, which came to an end the year after they produced their homemade baby.

One is now just three months old, meaning these two lovebirds had been separated for at least 18 months when they were allowed to adopt their latest child.  What kind of a system allows something like this? How could anyone look at these two and think it would be a good idea to let them adopt another child?

And now whose children are these adoptees anyway? Are they Mommy Angels’ or Mommy Jennifer’s? If they are Mommy Jennifer’s, can she share her custodial rights with the new person in her life – a man?

If Mommy Angela doesn’t like the arrangement, does she fight Mommy Jennifer for custody using free legal services provided to her by the State of Kansas? After all, she is on welfare.

And what of the homemade little girl, the “we don’t need a man to make a baby” baby?  Does anyone care about this little girl?

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