What Patriotism Means To Me

Nadra Enzi What Patriotism Means To Me


AT 46, I’m ineligible to enter the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Patriots Pen essay contest for sixth through eighth graders that inspired this brief article. It’s a grateful gift from someone who loves America and urges others to do the same.

The 2013-2014 Theme is ” What Patriotism Means To Me ”

Patriotism to me means the best possible anti-crime/counter-terrorism program.

My “Make Peace With America” activism targets urban males (and females) programmed by cynics and worse, socialists, to see themselves as outcasts.

Outcast attitudes fuel spiraling municipal crime rates committed by individuals and gangs who don’t see America as their home to help and protect.

Internationally and even domestically in tragic cases, citizens seeing themselves as outcasts are recruited by terrorist organizations to wage war against their government or other governments.

Patriotism is what stops the outcast mindset in its tracks!

My freedom formula for this is simple: +P = -C & T.

Translation: The more patriots society has, the less criminals and terrorists it combats.

Patriotic organizations and youth contests like this one remind us that the best anti-crime/counter-terrorism program doesn’t come only from the military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement.

The best anti-crime/counter-terrorism program are youth who see America as their home and fellow citizens as extended family members.

Patriotism is love of country and fellow countrymen. Citizens who love their country and countrymen don’t become criminals and terrorists.

Thank God for essay contests like this!

-Mr Nadra Enzi
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