Video: Obama Is A Photo Op Freak!

He has no regard for my tax dollars, and I am angry…

5 comments to Video: Obama Is A Photo Op Freak!

  • Ghetto Ryder

    Why should Obama care about tax-dollars…NOT his money or the Entitlement-Welfare Money of his supporters/voters….!! They DON'T pay any taxes….so they don't care either…..!!! Obama and wifey spent over 1 BILLION tax-dollars in 2012 ALONE traveling the world with AF-1 and AF-2 plane loads of mooches and family members……!!! Aiin't it great livin' Ghetto Fabulous……!!!

  • Annie66

    Obama is a freak. Will we ever see the end of this creep?

    • jonodough

      its going to be a very long 4 years. as a small business person, everyday with this clown is like an eternity. i truly pray that i will survive physically and financially until he is gone.

  • msbetz

    Maybe LaRouche is right about a British/Saudi alliance to dominate the world with Obama being the representative and the whole "birth certificate" controversy a cover (a diversion) for the original 911 that has disappeared from any further investigation….LaRouche has an interesting thought provoking site.

  • Carol

    Everything he was saying I couldn't agree with it more if I tried but yet I understand the USA is broke but we can find enough money to fly him back and forth for Hawaii.

    We can't afford to pay our teachers properly and get our roads fixed and everything else that is falling apart but we have enough money to fly him back an forth from Hawaii amazing is it not.