Video: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates The White House

RINO-in-Chief John McCain raked Rep. Michelle Bachman and other conservatives over the coals for merely requesting that the apparent Muslim Brotherhood influence on the Obama Administration be investigated.

It was a matter of public record that Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—and thus having access to top secret information—has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

It was a matter of public record that the Council on Islamic American relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), both determined to be Muslim Brotherhood front groups and unindicted co-conspirators in the terrorist-funding trial United States v. Holy Land Foundation—had visited the White House, State Department, FBI, etc. hundreds of times.

It was a matter of public record that Muslim “outreach” groups like CAIR and ISNA went in and purged hundreds of pages of “offensive” words and phrases like “jihad” and “Islamist” from FBI training materials.

But conservatives were labeled as McCarthyites conducting a witch hunt and the call for an investigation was quickly shut down.

But now mainstream Egyptian newspaper, Rose-El-Youssef, published an article entitled “A Man and Six of the Brotherhood in the White House!” on December 22 admitting and bragging about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration!

What is more shocking than the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House is that Obama has embraced this infiltration and is therefore a traitor to this country.



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  • Guest

    Krissypoo, do you really still wonder why you can't get a job in serious journalism, and why you have to make a living washing dished in the Riverside IHOP just to indulge in this masturbatory hobby? It's because you're a pathetic, ineffectual fear-monger propagating pure BS.

    There isn't a responsible media source on the planet that will hire you after garbage like this. I hope you like scraping plates, sweetheart, because that's your future.

  • Edward Shick

    This to +me and other things that have happened in this traitors life shold be enough for congress ,to get rid of him , I thinnk Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi , stop every investigation,, Joe McCarthy would be nice to be in Washington today Igot interested in Obama when a well known Communist Alice Palmer took him under her wing , and she did alot for Obama and he gave her the Shaft big Time , all of America is now getting it will they ever Wake Up!


    This is only the start and he has four more to destroy America, thanks to 51% of so-called Americans.