Video: Benghazi Blood On Obama’s Hands

There were two investigative reports published regarding the attack on the Benghazi consulate and CIA annex on September 11. One was entitled the “Benghazi Accountability Report” and was produced by the Obama administration; the other was titled“Flashing Red: A Special Report On The Terrorist Attack At Benghazi” and was produced by the Senate.

Obama’s report, as was expected, was a sham that didn’t find anyone accountable; didn’t explain why Obama blamed a “protest turned violent” on an anti-Muslim YouTube video that no one actually saw; didn’t explain why Obama failed to send any real help to protect the four Americans who were murdered by terrorists; didn’t explain why it took the eight man “security” team (who were actually CIA operatives to keep a lid on whatever Obama was hiding in Benghazi) eight hours to travel from Tripoli to Benghazi, a flight that takes about an hour; and didn’t reveal what exactly Barack Hussein Obama was hiding in Benghazi.

The Senate’s “Flashing Red” report blows apart Barack Obama’s whole charade of a “protest turned violent” because of an anti-Muslim video and shows that he left four Americans flapping in the wind with an American flag covered in blood.  We will discuss this in our next video.

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