Video: SCOTUS Schedules Obama Eligibility Case To Be Heard In Conference

I am hoping and praying that the Supreme Court executes swift justice against Barack Hussein Obama…

6 comments to Video: SCOTUS Schedules Obama Eligibility Case To Be Heard In Conference

  • Don

    Nothing is going to happen. The Supreme Court find a reason to give Obama a pass. I have absolutely no faith in judicial system of this country.

  • Dan Stewart

    I pray that the scotus will hear the evidence & rule according to law & the constitution. obama is not elligible, regardless of where he was born, his father was not an American citizen, making obama a duel citizen & not elligible to be potus. At the very least, they should rule he has to produce a valid birth certificate, not a forged one. obama has committed enough fellonies for a life sentence. I, however am not holding my breath, the chicago mafia will probably get to the judges & it will be thrown out.

  • Francisco

    I checked the SCOTUS docket for February 2013, and nothing appears concerning this important news.
    Could it be possible that the anti-birthers have hacked Dr. Taitz website, and are trying to discredit her by giving false news ?

  • Helen Tritt

    Hope and Pray for America that the Supreme Court has the Ethics to stand and rule that will free America from this Tyrannical Dictator we have FRAUDULENTLY. Justice must PREVAIL in doing the right thing. He has committed more Crimes Against all American Citizens that anyone person on the planet and so far, everything and everyone somehow disappears that he is not held ACCOUNTABLE for his illegal and Criminal Actions. America in its entirety knows that he is not eligible for the WH because he is not a natural born citizen and there should be punished Accordingly, which should be prison.

  • alan schultz

    does this mean if barry is tossed out that joe bite me is thepres?we are in aworld of trouble toquote the song.

  • Francisco

    What is a shame, is to have an immigrant like Orly, taking upon her shoulders this monumental task, while native born lawyers, sit on the sidelines while Rome burns.