University Seeks To Limit Free Speech With ‘inclusive Language’ Campaign

Maryland SC University seeks to limit free speech with inclusive language campaign

Administrators at the University of Maryland are using a $15,000 grant to prod students toward using politically correct language.

The idea for the campaign was born when a staff member reported hearing “non-inclusive” language and apparently though the situation warranted behavior modification.

“I think so far it has created some interesting conversations on campus,” the employee said.

Though colleges are hotbeds of knee-jerk leftism, I’m sure at least some of those “interesting conversations” center around the nerve of any individual deciding which words are acceptable and which are not.

Obviously, profane and outright hurtful language should not be used in polite society; and almost any individual without a psychopathic disorder does not need to be reminded of this fact.

Campaigns such as this one, though, seek to silence anyone using phrases – regardless of intent – the left deems insensitive.

Some examples of problematic language, according to signs posted around campus, include “illegal alien,” “that’s so ghetto,” and “no homo.”

Leave it to a self-identified Libertarian and president of the university organization Students for Liberty to accurately describe this campaign by campus thought police.

“It is important to be civil with one another, but this goes too far in taking language that most people would not find offensive and making us feel guilty for using it,” he said.

He said that to perpetuate the First Amendment right to free speech on American campuses “requires the ability to say things without guilt.”

Unfortunately, guilt is one of the few weapons the leftists in charge of most universities have in their arsenal – and what a highly effective weapon it is!
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