Video: MASTERFUL: Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro TORCHES Piers Morgan

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro: 2nd Amendment is for protection against usurpatious government.

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  • Principialis

    Our little boy Ben Shapiro gives up half of the "2nd Amendment" and this is considered "torching" the British Dog?

    Look Ben, automatic firearms are not banned, and zip, zero (0), nada, that's not one legally owned automatic has been used to commit a crime in this country since they were subject to registration and a very strict purchase procedure. I don't believe that they should be treated any differently than any other firearm, but you've conceded that it's fine to ban automatics, but not semi-automatics, or handguns, but not hunting rifles, or hunting rifles, but not shotguns. You sound a little like Piers.

    Ben, you are sleeping my Kalifornia friend. The tyranny is knocking on your front door and you still aren't listening. If I was calling this fight I would say that poor Ben doesn't understand the meaning of "Shall Not Be Infringed" and was beaten over the head with the "last four weapons" argument. Maybe his dictionary doesn't have the definition of infringed. Maybe his limited debate skills don't include the idea of not conceding an argument to a weaker opponent.

    Let's make it harder for "mentally ill" people to get guns, but who gets to define "mental illness"? The current criminal background checks have routinely "caught" people who are not now nor ever have been criminals. And then there are times when Fast and Furious thought applies and any guns can be sold to criminals. Can you really trust your government bureaucracies? Or the Attorney General for that matter?

    Do people who serve their time in prison deserve to be treated like slaves? Only slaves have no right to own guns. Granted, our prisons and "justice system" don't correct or deter crime any more, but better a "legally" armed criminal faced by an armed opponent who will end his reign of criminal activity, than a disarmed and helpless free man who cannot defend himself from the gang he used to belong to or the dirt bags from prison who get released looking for payback for some perceived slight in prison.

    Oh, and Ben, how long does it take for the police in your area to respond to your need for help when the bad guy(s) has knocked down your door and is about to shoot you and your children? M4 semi for self defense? If you got it use it, and don't be ashamed to get the job done. Now, how long do you think it would take for a policeman to respond to a former criminal's residence to assist him against someone or many someones who want to see him badly injured or dead? Does his life mean any less than yours? What if he was saved in prison and decided to become a pastor to minister to the children caught in gangs in his neighborhood and turn their lives around?

    No more compromise on our rights. God gave them to us and no man can take them away. Piers doesn't believe in God, so maybe you should have challenged him on that. He ignored your point that more children are killed in Chicago with handguns than have been killed by rifles in New Town, Conn. Why didn't you hit him over the head with that and his lack of any remorse over not caring about those dead children. You hit a nerve with the line about using the Sandy Hook School children to further this attack on the rights of Americans. Then you played his game.

    Let the public decide. Win, Lose, or Draw?


      Sensible, balanced reasoning! Morgan, as with the rest of the 'left', is paranoid, internally hysterical, and, basically, does not accept our Divine origin! (By the way, with this 'left' and 'right' thing; I'm a bit of a naturalist, and I have observed that, in order to fly, a bird has to have two wings, working in harmony; otherwise it would plummet to the ground!) We are all human beings; some productive, others not; then there is the third force, using cunning to turn one against the other for its satanic agenda. Taking something before it has been earned is fundamentally wrong! But don't blame banks! Our strength of character is on the line. With Bribery and Corporate Lobbying, America does not need external enemies! Government, Professions, Business, and we ourselves, should be driven by a spirit of Love, Devotion, Respect and Cheerful SERVICE; profits earned and deserved! Obama is illegitimate; ipso facto, so are the lawyers he appointed and their legislation! Arrest them TOGETHER to succeed! TURN ON THE LIGHT! – and the darkness – is GONE! (The abominable 'left' is self-destructing with every obscene wriggle!)
      We have no choice but to WIN! OISEAU!

  • dmbellboy

    An "assault weapon" was NOT used at Sandy Hook. It was two hand guns. A sig sauer and a glock. The "assault weapon" was found by the police in the car. If you don't believe it, look it up…

    This is from the Huffington Post. A very LEFT leaning publication.

    I'm just saying…