Women ‘Caste’-Aways – India’s Covert Genocide

India SC Women ‘Caste’ Aways   India’s Covert Genocide

At 1.2 billion, India’s population is poised to pass China’s (1.3 billion), but one frequently overlooked fact is that one quarter of India’s inhabitants are considered outcasts or “untouchables” — commonly known as Dalits — who are considered subhuman.

The notorious caste system of India places the 400 million Indians (about 100 million more than the entire U.S. population) on the bottom at an extreme disadvantage from birth — and worse yet if you’re a female Dalit … considerably worse.

Numbers don’t lie

Perhaps numbers can speak greater volumes than words when it comes to the depravity of the condition facing millions of women across India, as Dalit women are typically treated as lower than subhuman.

Gospel for Asia, based in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, touches tens of thousands with its “Women Reaching Women” Indian outreach; and after crunching the numbers to put the plight of women into perspective, the ministry is fully aware that it still has much work to do.

In a country that is predominantly Hindu, a religion that values men over women and the sanctity of the caste system, females are considered of much less worth than males. The demographics for untouchables reflects this, as men outnumber women by the ratio of 1,000 to 850.

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