Dismantling The Military– Obama Style

Obama Feeds America SC Dismantling the Military– Obama style

The New York Times’ David Brooks opined that the nomination of Chuck Hagel to the position of Secretary of Defense (SOD) is in fact a cover for Barack Obama’s dismantling of the Military.  The President must raid the Medicare and Pentagon budgets to pay for the domestic programs planned for his welfare state. By placing a like-minded traveler like Hagel in the top position at the Pentagon, Obama will have a yes man to dismantle the military and further the One’s socialist agenda.  Since Hagel is a Republican (in name only) Obama will have the perfect political cover to raid the defense budget and give it to the low information voters who will blindly help Democrats destroy this nation.

Global Zero

Global Zero is an international movement demanding the elimination of all nuclear weapons. Sen. Hagel co-authored a report last May calling for severe cuts in the U.S, nuclear arsenal. As the Obama administration is planning to announce even more drastic cuts to the arsenal later this year, who could possibly be better suited than Hagel to be Obama’s SOD? The administration will gladly point to this report as a good plan to dismantle America’s most powerful deterrent force. No wonder Iran has endorsed Hagel. He’s their guy!  Who else will work to disarm the United States while the Iranians are stepping up their own program! Hagel obviously has no problem with a terrorist nation with nukes. No wonder Obama likes this guy; he calls for the elimination of ICBMs and heavy bombers for the nuclear arsenal.  Those cuts would provide more money for Obama’s friends in the Green Energy/DNC money laundering business.


To be fair, Hagel is the first former enlisted man to have served on the front line and been nominated to the position of Secretary of Defense. Perhaps that would explain his isolationist stance of pulling troops from forward, deployed locations in Europe and Asia Pacific regions. However, there is no excuse for agreeing with a caller on al Jazeera that America is a bully.  Hagel apparently sees the military from a private’s point of view. Unfortunately, the SOD must understand the big picture! Hagel may well be out of place, just like the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

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