Obama’s Anti-gun Bias Traces Back Decades

Angry Obama SC Obama’s anti gun bias traces back decades

EDITOR’S NOTE: Barack Obama’s involvement in the DeMar Second Amendment case previously was reported in Chapter 9 of Jerome R. Corsi’s “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.”

NEW YORK – Despite campaign statements calculated to make Barack Obama sound sympathetic to the Constitution’s Second Amendment, his history reveals another attitude.

Critics of Obama say he simply hates guns.

Obama’s long-term antipathy to the Second Amendment is evidenced by a case that came up when Obama was an Illinois state senator and Obama worked to prosecute criminally a man who stopped a home-invasion burglary that happened while his children were asleep in their beds.

But he used an improperly registered handgun.

Read more at WND. By Jerome R. Corsi.

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)

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