Teacher Reportedly Desecrates Flag In Classroom

American Flags SC Teacher reportedly desecrates flag in classroom

A spokesman for a South Carolina school district announced an investigation into one high school teacher who allegedly took down an American flag and stomped on it in front of students.

“It was not a spontaneous act but one he worked into the lesson,” the representative said, adding there is “sufficient evidence that the teacher needed to be put on administrative leave and a full investigation needed to take place.”

The parent of one student in the class during this display reported that the teacher took down the flag, saying, “This is a symbol, but it’s only a piece of cloth. It doesn’t mean anything,” before tossing it to the ground and repeatedly stepping on it.

Without releasing the teacher’s name and offering few additional details, the school spokesperson expressed a view likely shared by the majority of my patriotic audience.

“So many of our veterans have made sacrifices for that flag,” he said, noting there are currently “men and women deployed in service to our country and we do that this very seriously.”

Unfortunately, our public school system has become such an incubator of anti-American leftism that a school source speaking so candidly in favor of honoring our flag is almost shocking.

The executive director of watchdog group Accuracy in Academia shares in my sense of incredulity.

“I’m astounded by this,” he said. “What you usually hear is students suspended for actually wearing an American flag.”

He also expressed disbelief that a teacher in a relatively conservative region of the country would be so disrespectful of Old Glory, saying he “would have expected something like that somewhere in the northeast rather than below the Mason-Dixon line.”

Though large cities in deep blue states like New York and California generally contain rabid leftists in higher concentrations, this case shows they can pop up anywhere to spread their vitriolic criticism of our nation’s heritage.
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Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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