Video: “Somebody Need To Pay For My 15 Kids!”

I’m speechless…

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  • charles


    • Bob

      Why in God's creation does she still have these children and why was a welfare recipient allowed to just pop out one after another knowing full well she could not afford even the first one. What has happened to common sense? I don't feel like I owe her one thin dime. She made her bed and these kids with some losers help or obviously at least two losers help. Where are the husbands/boy friends/sperm donors?

    • william


  • jorgaone

    It used to be–as late as the seventies in some places–if a woman had kids while on FULL Welfare (a check, food stamps, rent subsidy, fuel subsidy, etc) she was automatically offered to either get sterilized–or get off Welfare.
    In addition–Mental Hospitals used to sterilize the patients who had been committed for a certain number of years–I think 3.
    That way–the gene pool stayed alot purer…
    I see it as a workable solution. Let this woman's baby daddys pay for them–THEY should be the "somebody".

  • R. House

    I think the responsibility resides with the fathers of these kids, not the community or the state. Does she even know who is the father of the other five children?

  • jonodough

    you can start by keeping your legs closed you stupid ho.

  • Sleepergirl

    The best for these kids, especially the babies, would be adoption. Give them a chance. She is beyond stupid. I hate to say that. This is where Obama is going to continue to bring america. This ‘you owe me’ mentality. What about get off your butt and get a job!


    I could have solved your problem 15 kids ago and that is KEEP YOUR DAMN LEGS CLOSED YOU SLUT !!!!!!!

  • David Haft

    She has the nerve to say someone has to be accountable and pay for her 15 kids!? Excuse me, WTF planet is she from!?

  • Sammy

    Before passing judgement on her, ask why this video does not explain why the father of 10 of her kids has been arrested and did he have a job that caused her to be left without means of support when he was taken into custody. I do not see or hear ANYTHING that leads me to look either way at this very questionable story..

    • JoanG

      What's questionable, out of her own mouth she thinks somebody should pay for her future welfare – ers.

  • JoanG

    Tell this irresponsible parent she needs to stop making babies, take the children away and make the fathers pay. I'm sick of my money going to obamas freebie people.

  • Old Lady in Texas

    Yes, somebody needs to help: YOU!!!

    • Thor

      The people of Earth need to rethink their agendas more carefully. This type of activity will only result in a devistatingly diminshed gene pool of Earthlings that will result in a catestrophic ending. Accept Eugenics now or loose your planet sooner then you think.

  • Dark_Archer

    another uppidy nigga bitch who thinks its whitties job to pay her way …screw you ya whore

  • derrell

    The father of all those kids to to pay. I am not responsible for her screwing around and having those kids. She could not have had all of those kids if she had wanted to. She had all of those kids because she wanted to not work and let us pay for all her bills. THIS IS VERY WRONG. I do not feel sorry for her ( Just the kids ).

  • Sammy

    I must be missing something here that everyone else is seeing. Did her husbund have a job before social services got involved or were they all on welefare- it doesnt say in the video. It does say they`re problems started after social services got involved. Video says after he was arrested they were left with nothing- was the rent and food help before or after his arrest? The answers DO make a difference in how I would feel about it. The room they are in looks nice, if its hers, Did her fiancee have a job that payed well enough that she needed no help before his arrest? What was he arrested for? This video slams her without all the facts that others need to make a judgement call. I would hate to be judged this way. We dont even know if any of this crummy video was cut- maybe she gave info that was to her benefit – but that would let others see her in a less dismal place. People seem to love hating others now adays…so so sad..


      It's pablum pukin', bleedin' heart, touchy-feely, politically correct liberal sheeple like you that screwed this Great Country up to begin with!!! No DISCIPLINE, no SELF-CONTROL, no sense of RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!

  • Taxpayer

    Somebody needs to be held accountable. How 'bout starting with you??????!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    Are you kidding me she should of got fixed 14 kids ago. She thinks that no we the American people need to pay for her stupid 14 extra lays I don't think so. I feel for the kids but she needs to go!!! All I can say is she is a CHILD ABUSER.
    Her kids need to be adopted and she locked up. 😉

  • Kathy

    Who is accountable of taking care of the 15 children that you produced? The father of the 10 children and the father or fathers of the other 5 children are responsible and accountable for taking care of and paying for these children along with YOU, THE MOTHER is responsible for taking care of YOUR CHILDREN, and no one else is responsible for taking care of these children. Generally, family members helped each other out but in todays society most people can't afford to do this thanks to the President of the United States who keeps gradually crashing our jobs rates, AND THE HARD HEARTEDNESS AND THE VERY SINFUL PEOPLE IN TODAYS SOCIETY FOR THEY HAVE REJECTED JESUS CHRIST AND THEY ARE REAPING WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN! Even in Gods Word, if you are too lazy to work, no one else should help you… are Lazy, Slothful and are sinning and a sinner.