The NEXT STEP For Fair Elections In 2014 And 2016

I Voted SC The NEXT STEP for Fair Elections in 2014 And 2016

There are several great organizations documenting REAL voter fraud. There are also many local news reports from ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX confirming or reporting on such antics. Unfortunately, these stories never make it to the national news. Apparently, the Big News Networks and national newspapers do not find it newsworthy. The mass of evidence is far beyond anecdotal, as those large media outlets would like the public to believe. Many articles in the media have attempted to make laughing stocks of those reporting on these topics. Don’t be fooled; this is an attempt to discredit by mockery.

In a previous article, I provide a list of remedies to virtually eliminate voter fraud. The list is not rocket science! The list of solutions is purely logical, simple, and common-sense; anyone with a problem-solving ability could have done the same. Many have; some of the ideas are not new but are not typically presented in a comprehensive solutions plan.

Human nature seems to prevail. The daily drama of the never-ending 24/7 news cycle have taken our eyes off the ball. It is more fun and entertaining to see the newest of stories each day than to take action for long-term fixes. When the election cycles of 2014 and 2016 roll around, we will again be shocked and have more dramatic news accounts of fraud. Sadly, they will have been preventable. What have we done to fix it? Many have tried, but this seems to be a solo effort; the parties do not collaborate.

Enforcing existing law is not a solution. Nor is reporting on the fraud without purposeful action to remedy the loopholes.

Voter fraud is not selective in a political side; all sides have been caught red-handed in the action over history. However, we now have a problem that is more one-sided; and those currently in power who intentionally benefit from fraud look the other way. It is no longer a problem of a few instances; we now have a deliberate institutional underground that is promoting illegal activities, primarily in the swing states that have the potential to sway the election results. Some of these organizations, ACORN and it’s new offshoots, have been documented as surviving at the expense of the Federal Government.

Important local elections are also in jeopardy. The problem is widespread and accepted.

This is America, folks! We should feel embarrassed and ashamed that our voting system is so broken. Many 3rd world nations have systems that outshine our voting system. So often, the infrastructure is deemed as needing to be brought up to the 21st Century; why are our voting laws and system so antiquated? Where are the progressives on this issue of infrastructure updates? More importantly, where are the conservatives legislators and grassroots groups?

Seriously, how hard is it to make this happen? For those who oppose this complete overhaul of infrastructure, I ask you a simple question: WHY?

The following sites document and promote existing voter law enforcement or document voter fraud. Why can’t conservatives collaborate and support a comprehensive voter fraud legislation package?

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