Dem. Jerrold Nadler: “2 To 4 Self-defense Shots Are Enough”

Jerrold Nadler Official Portrait c112th Congress Dem. Jerrold Nadler: “2 to 4 self defense shots are enough”

For liberals, facts are never really important. “Truth” to liberals like Democrat New York City Congressman Jerrold Nadler is what he “feels” it is. Nadler has said: “Hunters don’t use large ammunition clips, and as far as self- defense, I mean who are you defending yourself against? If you’re defending yourself against a robber… two or three or four shots should be enough—period.”

It’s a safe bet Nadler has never faced an assailant fueled by adrenalin drugs and alcohol. That doesn’t matter, of course, since no one will ever challenge Nadler on his supposed knowledge of the danger presented by people who are psychotic and drunk – “period.”

The “period” at the end of Nadler’s pronouncement is the classic liberal dismissal of anyone daring to disagree with their use of “feelings” as facts.

Nadler’s fantasy about real shooting combat brings up the death of New York City Police Sergeant Edward J. Johnson.

On January 8, 1960, Sergeant Johnson and his driver were on patrol in the Bowery district of lower Manhattan. The area was dotted with dozens of soup kitchens that catered to the skid row drunks and mental patients who freely walked New York’s streets.

Johnson responded to a call of a man with a knife who was menacing the staff and clients of one of those soup kitchens.  When Johnson arrived, another team of cops was already on the scene and attempting to subdue the man in a narrow hallway. He was clearly a drunken paranoid schizophrenic. He had a 16 inch bread knife and was not giving it up.

At some point, the man lunged at Johnson; and all four cops started shooting from less than seven feet away. They fired 24 shots, hitting him 16 times. Four of the shots should have killed the drunken psychotic instantly. One cleanly severed his spinal cord; another went through his heart. None of those shots killed him fast enough to stop him from plunging his knife into Sergeant Edward Johnson’s heart. Johnson died at the scene. The drunken psychotic died seconds later, but way too late.

Jerrold Nadler is a jackass; but he “feels” the right way about guns, so that’s good enough – period.

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  • Don

    Facts mean nothing to a liberal. The only thing that matters to a liberal is the fantasy world between their ears. That is their only reality. Nothing one can say to them or facts presented to them will matter; once these goof-balls make up their mind nothing will change it including reality. They are gods. They feel therefore it must be so.