The Great Separation From Ghetto Black Folks

Nadra Enzi The Great Separation From Ghetto Black Folks

(Author’s note: Please offer this to a liberal Black person you know.)

Black folks, we literally stand at a cross roads with oblivion! The Ghetto looms ever larger as the center of contemporary Black culture, which means disaster for America- starting with us!

Socialists and mainstream enablers say denouncing our out-of-( self ) control inner city is ” blaming the victim. ”

They state how wrong Bill Cosby is to pull the Ghetto card and slam it down on American Blacks cultural tables!

They indite Black conservatives for abandoning the less fortunate to chase White Power dollars.

They beat us over the head with captivity; Jim Crow; post-segregation; re-segregation; Angry White Men; Fear of Obama and every other rhetorical quiver in their arsenal.

The cross roads toward oblivion still overshadow their best arguments.

A vision of internal ( as in Black on Black ) separation visits me upon occasion.

While Black Flight from the high risk Hood is a long established fact this vision of internal separation will be a widely advertised policy. It will be mandated by shaken stakeholders deciding color no longer merits not just concern- but literal proximity.

Imagine the Great Migration of Black Southerners to the North during the mid 20th Century. The projection in my mind is more a ” Great Separation ” from ghetto Blacks by exhausted stakeholders who no longer champion them.

If we’re honest there’s already two Black Americas, similar to socio-economic class distinctions in other populations.

The Great Separation takes that divide to a more egalitarian but even broader conclusion: poverty is no longer a bar to acceptance!

Under Great Separation terms behavior; ones diction; dress; criminal record and other criteria determine admission to these new ethnic enclaves where silence; order and cultural literacy are absolute requirements.

Ghetto Blacks could no longer rub elbows with better off peers via Section 8 or mixed used housing.

Internal separation means the Hood will be left to its own devices with support coming from government and perhaps residual humanitarians opting not to separate.

Ghetto Blacks could do little more than complain lyrically via rap and by Twitter or other internet means.

Entering Great Separation communities will require secure access identical to the norm for current high income neighborhoods. Patrolling these neighborhoods would be well armed private officers ( think Blackwater for Black folks ) and off duty police under strict orders to aggressively preserve quality of life.

If this vision is shocking; ” elitist ” or ” racist ” then re-consider how shocking; elitist and racist it is to allow Ghetto Blacks to be ridiculously vile and violent without demanding better behavior and community sanctions?

American Black socialists; nationalists; liberals; moderates; conservatives and libertarians who practice civility have the same complaint behind closed doors about Ghetto Blacks.

Every day of their silence brings my envisioned Great Separation closer to reality!


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