Howard Baker’s Sellout Is Still Haunting America…

Howard Baker 1989 Howard Baker’s sellout is still haunting America...

The last presidential election produced a number of documented claims of Democrat voter fraud. A group known as has examined the many allegations and readied a list of voter fraud claims they have found to be credible and genuine.

Across the nation, over 25 million invalid voter registrations have not been removed by competent authorities. Each of these questionable registrations presents an opportunity for Democrats to engage in voter fraud.

Among America’s registered voters, more than 1,800,000 have been proven to be dead. This of course provides more opportunities for fraud by the Party that survives on voter fraud. In Maryland, dead people have registered (guess which Party got their check mark?) and voted AFTER their death.

Over 2,750,000 people are registered to vote in at least two states.

There is ample proof that twelve Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents. This is also the case in many counties in Ohio. Across the country, there are at least 160 counties spread over nineteen states that have more registered voters than residents.

We know about these breaches in our ballot box security because of the diligent work of volunteers eager to help the Republican structure fight back. So why hasn’t the RNC raised its voice in protest over these outrages?

In 1982, for no apparent reason but to go along and get along, then-Republican Senate MAJORITY Leader Howard Baker entered into an agreement with the Klu Klux Klansman from West Virginia (Democrat Senator Robert Byrd), which in effect barred Republicans from pursuing suspected cases of voter fraud without first getting a federal court’s approval.

This agreement came about because Democrats in New Jersey, arguably the most corrupt state in America, complained that Republicans had been investigating voter fraud in predominantly minority districts. Among the specific charges was that off-duty police officers posted themselves at polling places to help insure voting integrity.

Incredibly, Baker agreed that “Ballot Security” should be defined as “any program aimed at combating voter fraud by preventing voters from registering to vote or casting a ballot.” Thus, ANYTHING Republicans do to stop Democrat voter fraud in any organized fashion can and is labeled “Ballot Security” to get federal judges to end it.

Fortunately, this agreement does not bind GOP state committees; and it will expire on December 1, 2017. Let’s hope the Republican minority leader at that time has more brains than Howard Baker.

And you thought the GOP’s sellouts of our rights only started with the feckless bunch in Washington today.

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  • ItsJo

    It's STILL a shame knowing how 'wimpy, the GOP STILL IS". They are afraid to 'stand up to the continuing voter fraud that is SO prevelent in the Democrat circles, where the likes of an Al Franken, who was losing the contest, 'suddenly found thousands of votes IN THE TRUNK OF A CAR". THIS IS HOW DEMS 'WIN??" ELECTtions. THEY CHEAT.
    THIS, IS EXACTLY HOW OBAMA GOT A SECOND TERM…..THE VOTING MACHINES(where Soros was involved)SCYTL, were Already set up for an Obama vote, EVEN when people voted for Romney….NO ONE INVESTIGATED, AS THE GOP, AS A BUNCH OF 'SPINLESS, WIMPS, WHO GO ALONG TO GET ALONG, AND DON'T KNOW WHAT/HOW TO STAND UP AGAINST 'CHICAGO CHEATS, WHO BULLY, LIE, INTIMATE AND CHEAT…IT'S A WAY OF LIFE FOR THEM'. Obama LOST that first debate, and looked like a "deer in the headlights", and Romeny should have came out even MORE forceful on the 2nd one…but he folded and wanted to be a gentleman….it LOST him this election, of course the cheating is what REALLY worked for Obama…..

    • Guest

      Sounds like you're a devout Beckhead, Jo sweetie. Your tantrums are amusing.

      • ItsJo

        Guestypoo, Your inane, stupid and smarmy remarks are NOT amusing. Go back to your mother's cellar and watch your slasher movies. Leave the guns to the "Constitution that offers American's that right- to protect themselves and their families and property". You, want to give the edge to the "thugs/criminals"….wise up junior.

      • ItsJo

        So is your stupidity(nothing to offer in solid arguments) amusing dummie.

      • ItsJo

        That's ALL you got guessy? Wow, Einstein……try to write past the first grade and lay down the crayons.

  • S Rubicon

    Since we are being told the filibuster should be recinded, while Democrats have control of the Senate, I suggest that agreement also be recinded. Lets be real folks, no judge with any sense at all would be bound by an age old agreement that allows fraud to get a pass. The fraud is the issue, not what some politicians think works best for their party at the time. Just as Reagan was duped by Kennedy on border security (he never got it & we still truly have little along the most crossed international boundary in the world), obviously Baker was duped by this agreement. The amazing thing is the media keep trying to sell the notion that there is no fraud. Amazing! Open faced lies, on the airwaves, and these same idiots tell us they are not biased. Boy is America in real trouble this time.