Phil Mickelson Regrets Airing Opinion On Taxes

Phil Mickelson 4 SC Phil Mickelson regrets airing opinion on taxes

SAN DIEGO (OfficialWire) — Phil Mickelson says he should have kept his opinions on taxes to himself.

Mickelson had suggested “drastic changes” were in store for him — perhaps moving from his native California — because of changes in federal and state taxes that he says tap into more than 60 percent of his income. He said it “absolutely” was a factor in deciding against becoming part of the San Diego Padres’ new ownership group.

The four-time major champion didn’t back away from his outlook, only his decision to talk about it.

“Finances and taxes are a personal matter, and I should not have made my opinions on them public,” Mickelson said in a statement released late Monday night. “I apologize to those I have upset or insulted, and assure you I intend to not let it happen again.”

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2 comments to Phil Mickelson Regrets Airing Opinion On Taxes

  • Frank A McCafferty

    Hey gr8 golfer! This is still America, land of the free speech, thought and deed. So what if it offended some, they need to get responsible, grow up and know that you aren’t responsible for their welfare.

    Problem is, if they all realized what you give back to the community they should be all running over each other to emulate you and your family.

    Never apologize to the masses, it’s a sign of weakness and I promise you, they will exploit that sign of weakness.

    • ItsJo

      Agreed with your post. Why the ehell would HE apologize, and to whom, the "politico pigs in Sacramento, who feed off the taxpaying public trough"??? Is he worried about offending the 'TAxenAtor-Obama??" Dumb apology.