Pray To Help All America- Not Just Your Parts

American Flags SC Pray To Help All America  Not Just Your Parts

“Lord, please help me help America!”

This is a prayerful affirmation I recite in the wee hours of the morning while writing or before sleep.

Some pray for Divine Intervention for themselves, their family, or their particular group.

I cast my spiritual net more widely, confident in the saying that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” I believe that helping the country as a whole helps my particular community too.

We’re in crunch time as a Republic, and balkanization ill-serves a nation whose misery is now truly integrated.

Once-reliable ethnic, educational, and employment safeguards have fallen by the wayside.

Our “non-economy” (as I call it) and Obama’s anti-job growth policies make beseeching Providence all we have left while struggling beneath this yoke.

A financially sound, stronger, more moral America benefits everyone, including Americans who may dislike each other for various reasons.

This isn’t an appeal to sentimentality- it’s a call to ask God to lift up our attempts to ensure national survival.

As our prayers go outward, let those who are willing draw together around common allegiance to traditional values and what’s left of the free market.

Belief in a Higher Power was what kept Americans as diverse as revolutionaries, slaves, and even astronauts resolute in the face of tremendous challenges.

We need to close ranks, lest despair and divisiveness fill the gaps and wreak even more havoc.

Much as we prize personal, family, and community well-being, asking for America to be blessed ultimately safeguards our individual stake, too.

That’s why I ask each of us to pray for the Lord to help us help America, all of America, instead of just our favorite part.

We are one expanded family who has to finally put aside differences to rescue all we hold dear.


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2 comments to Pray To Help All America- Not Just Your Parts

  • Helen

    "Without God, liberty will not last." " When governments fear the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government, this is tyranny." Those are quotes from Thomas Jefferson and I believe they are especially prudent now since we are in the midst of being turned into a communist society and Third World Country. We MUST stand up, reject and EXPEL him from occupying the WH fraudulently. He has proven himself many times over how evil he is and dangerous.

    • Guest

      Hey, good for you, sweetie. You keep trying. STAND UP and wave your knitting at the majority. See how that works.