Should Safety Really Trump Our Privacy?

Obama Big Brother SC Should Safety Really Trump Our Privacy?

There are now some who are calling for GPS tracking of legal firearms. It has been reported by WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore that Ald. Willie Cochran (20th), a former police officer, has said “safety is … a much more important issue than is privacy.” “It is extremely important that we look past this privacy issue, at this point, and understand how important it is for us to address the issue of safety,” he added.

I would like to make the argument that not only is this completely absurd, but unconstitutional as well.

If we apply this mentality to our society, all in the name of safety, then just how many activities we rely upon on a daily basis would be banned, limited, or policed?

Car accidents happen everyday; and we already have devices such as GPS, Onstar, and (soon) black boxes for our safety. Will they stop them from happening?

We are subjected to all sorts of pat downs and searches when we board airplanes, but will that stop them from running off the runway or leaking fuel? How many more subway accidents have to happen in NYC before we start banning riders from standing on the platforms? Maybe we should consider making amusement parks and water rides illegal since they can cause us harm as well.

Once you open Pandora’s box, as we have, there is no going back. Once we allow all levels of government into homes and private lives at this alarming rate, we can only expect to lose more of our freedoms.

They are already starting to put black boxes in our cars to track us. Our cell phones are being used to monitor what we say and write. At what point do we wake up and realize that having a GPS tracking device on our phones is not really about locating it when it’s lost. The electrical devices in our homes now, thanks to smart meters, are already tracking our usage. The appliances we use are monitoring our water consumption every time we wash clothes, take a shower, or flush the toilet. You cannot surf the Internet anymore without getting flashy ads from advertisers promoting products you just viewed.

Every day, we lose a little more of our privacy. Every day, we lose a little more of our freedoms. Every day, we are becoming more of a police state than we ever could have imagined.

There are multiple databases created by local, state, and federal agencies that keep track of just about everything . The Freedom Of Information Act makes it easy to gather personal information on just about anyone and then makes it legal to publish, as we have seen with the Journal News Gun map. And we cannot forget all the goodies in the Patriot Act under the presumption of keeping us safe.

Our schools are asking our children all sorts of private questions through nosy surveys and questionnaires that we have not consented to. Our doctors and hospitals ask us questions on intake forms that have no relevance to the visit. Social sites and others are trying to collect as much information as possible from you in order to make your experiences better, but is the information really private when more than half of the companies are in bed with the federal government?

At what point will Americans say “Enough!” to this ever-growing police state and stop the assault on our liberty?

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