Taxpayer-funded Promotion Of Islam Draws Criticism

Islam symbol SC Taxpayer funded promotion of Islam draws criticism

While Christians continue to see their freedom of expression limited (if not completely erased) by extreme leftists in the legal and political realms, taxpayers are funding an extensive Islamic outreach program coordinated by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Disregarding the fact that America is trillions of dollars in the hole, the left has long decried almost any outward embrace of Christianity, ostensibly because it indicates a tacit endorsement of the faith.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that stance did not stop the NEH from moving forward with a program called “Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys,” through which 842 libraries in all 50 states will receive a variety of Islamic-centered material.

All the institutions involved must also set aside time for community discussion of the faith and culture of Islam.

Republican Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina spoke out against the program, saying it is “wasting taxpayer money.”

While unnecessarily spending tax revenue on such a project is upsetting enough, one should not be shocked at government’s misuse of our money.

Jones explores the deeper, more disturbing reason this program should not exist.

He said the interest of fairness – on which leftists seem to feel they have an ideological monopoly – is not served by the NEH effort and suggested adding books that display “America’s rich Judeo-Christian heritage.”

Twenty-five such books were offered to a college library in Jones’ district, though the facility has not yet confirmed it will add them to its shelves.

“I want to treat [the subject] fairly,” Jones said, “and I think too many times the Christian faith is not treated fairly.”

The head of a local Christian Coalition chapter in the area was another vocal critic of the program.

Jerry Schill cited “the government’s role in keeping God out of the public square and the obstacles that Christians face when it comes to prayer and the ability to publicly proclaim our faith,” noting this Islamic outreach program “seems more than odd.”

I’m sure his sentiments will receive significant support among not only Christian conservatives but rational Americans of any ideological stripe.
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