2013: The Year Of Living Conservatively

Tea Party SC 2013: The Year of Living Conservatively

Conservatives in both parties or no party should double down in 2013 to defend traditional values- without exception, squabbling, nor apology.

Traditional values are the moral equivalent of America’s feared nuclear triad: ICBMs, bombers, and submarines. They constitute our first and often last line of defense against moral relativism promoted by socialists.

Libertarians who feel that traditional values advocacy runs contrary to freedom still are members of the traditional values coalition, since the free market is mutually revered.

Social conservatives must understand that libertarian support for gay marriage or drug decriminalization aren’t absolute deal breakers, since most (if not all) libertarians aren’t socialists.

The year of living conservatively demands uniting around common principles, chiefly a free market and constitutionalism championed by social conservatives and libertarians alike.

Our common opponent is the Left in all its hydra-headedness, including Republican statists disguised as conservatives who are progressives’ secret weapon on Capitol Hill.

Freedom is our common goal, not “free-dumb” where producers are robbed at government gunpoint via high taxes and liberty-limiting laws.

A re-vitalized America with a strong economy, a secure family unit, an intact Second Amendment, and civic space open to all law-abiding expressions is infinitely better than present circumstances.

Let’s table bewitching and moaning about Obama’s reelection. It’s understandably painful and deeply troubling, but let’s move warp-speed toward resurgence!

2013 is the year of living conservatively for Americans who love liberty and oppose the voracious state grown by liberal Democrats and Republicans on high.

Living conservatively is about freedom, where traditional values and free markets reign, not “free-dumb”, where relativistic values and social democratic markets ruin.

2013 can be the year of living conservatively if we so choose!


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