Being Political And Black Beyond The Democrat/Republican Dynamic

Republican Democrat SC Being Political And Black Beyond The Democrat/Republican Dynamic

I’ve always advocated for American Blacks to represent themselves on both sides of the aisle in a two-party system- just like other Americans.

I’ve also been a Republican since the (fortunately) failed “high-tech lynching” of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had me leave being an Independent.

Party affiliation aside, I know neither party places a particularly high priority on what Black citizens like me think.

The same holds true for non-insiders of any color. I’ve long known what it means to be political and Black beyond the Democrat/Republican dynamic.

As an anti-crime activist in Democrat-dominated inner cities, it means watching our chocolate klansman-induced murder rate ignored by politicians whom the victims’ families vote into power without fail- or results.

As a liberty activist, it means being stonewalled on official misconduct complaints by Democrats who feel their prejudice is above reproach because of the “D” behind their names.

It offers an unequaled vantage point where Dem Crow discrimination rampages unchallenged while Black liberals look for cops or White Republicans to conveniently protest.

Black skin is an effective disguise for Americans whose opposition to bigotry is bipartisan. We get to witness astonishing double standards distant White conservatives wouldn’t believe.

The GOP has its cadre of bigots, but at least they know enough to mask bias behind policy and privacy.

Democrat bigots will say things even the most racist Republican wouldn’t be caught dead saying. US Senator Harry Reid’s “Negro dialect” comment about Obama comes to mind.

A White Republican senator saying the same thing would have his resignation letter ready within minutes and even offer to commit hari-kari on the steps of the Heritage Foundation as proof of contrition.

As an American Black, like other independent-minded Americans, I place my individuality above partisanship.

While I think the GOP is better than the Democrat Party, that’s not really saying much. Democrats are a nightmarish collectivist cauldron of socialists, liberal racists, broke-basket cases, and more communist kooks than you can shake a voting machine at.

Any party looks great compared to that montage!

American Blacks who are Democrats or Republicans have an experience neither party can fully grasp, nor are the few Black officeholders on either side able to inject this into policy-making.

Black folks need tax breaks and gun rights support to combat too few marriages and too many thugs in our communities.

I don’t see the Democrats or Republicans floating bills to address either crisis. Black folks need more of our dollars in our pockets to fund fractured families off bipartisan radars set for the middle class only.

Inner-city stakeholders don’t need gun bans disarming them, while small boy units of thugs and larger ones of gangs use them for target practice.

Neither party wants to consider that arming and supporting law abiding Black citizens may be more effective than social (-ist) programs or tourist cops passing through these areas.

Democrats don’t want their Black slaves privately lowering their crime rate because that would put them out of cushy, do-nothing jobs.

Republicans could take this issue and run with it, but who among them is hip enough about Black people to even concede that all of us in the inner-city aren’t criminals?

On lower taxes and pro-gun advocacy for inner-city stakeholders alone, the GOP or some new center-right party could make Black inroads.

Being Black and political beyond the Democrat/Republican dynamic, especially if you’re not liberal, means never subordinating independent effort for indecisive partisanship.

Whether we make the bipartisan system or new parties responsive or not, we still have our hands full privately handling community and national challenges.

While our experience is unique, it still shares much with those of fellow citizens across the board.

In this sense, being political and Black beyond the Democrat/Republican dynamic is simply being American, which is where everyone should be headed!


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