Obama, Gun Violence, And His Transparent Pursuit Of Guns

Angry Obama SC Obama, Gun Violence, and His Transparent Pursuit of Guns

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden gave a feigned and somber introduction to a news conference where the president pontificated and released his response to “senseless gun violence,” setting the tone for the introduction of twenty-three gun proposal measures, including nineteen executive orders that he believes will be beneficial in reducing gun violence.

I think most Americans wholeheartedly agree that what happened in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut- though statistically random- was tragic nonetheless. The country was stunned as it heard the reports of innocent and defenseless people killed by James Holmes while attempting to enjoy a recreational night at a movie theater in Colorado.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the country was particularly grief-stricken when confronted with the painful aftermath of twenty children, literally the innocent of the innocent, gunned down by Adam Lanza at a school in Connecticut.

Though tragic as these incidents were, the president’s proposals during his showroom news conference will do little to prevent another Aurora or Newtown.

In the Aurora shooting, James Holmes purchased his guns and ammunition legally (which were semi-automatic, non-military rifles).  Furthermore, in committing his terror, Holmes may have specifically chosen the theater he did because it was one that explicitly markets itself as a “gun free zone,” meaning he may have known before he committed his evil acts that he would have little to no defensive opposition, thus allowing him to maximize his damage.

In Newtown, Adam Lanza illegally obtained the guns used in the killings from his mother (who had purchased them legally) after killing her.  In addition to Lanza using stolen guns that weren’t his, he had a history of mental illness that many argue contributed to and motivated his passion to kill his mother along with the teachers and students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

So at base level, the news conference was nothing more than smoke and mirrors, attempting to look busy while doing nothing. Or as liberals love to have it, receiving credit for their intentions rather than the results of their intentions.

But there are other things more disturbing about the president’s news conference.

First, that Barack Obama would purposely use children as tools for emotional and political manipulation and as shields to avert criticism of his proposed agenda is absolutely cowardly as it is shameful.  If his children are off limits and can’t be used for politics, America’s children should be off limits for the same reasons as well.

Second, the fact that the president, Joe Biden and other politicians who advocate “sweeping gun control laws” continue to use Sandy Hook and Aurora as a pedestal to justify their position is breathtaking and immoral. As mentioned above, the president’s proposals had they been implemented would have done little or nothing to avert those tragedies.  More importantly and equally as telling, the President, Joe Biden, nor Senator Dianne Feinstein (who herself has a conceal and carry permit) haven’t used the crime statistics of Oakland (over 130 murders, a five year high) or the murder rate of the president’s hometown of Chicago (which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country), which tallied 532 murders in addition to 2,670 people shot in 2012 (based on statistics compiled by the website “Crime in Chicago“), as motivation to take serious steps at reducing gun violence.

Though the President did mention “the inner-city streets of Chicago” toward the end of the press conference, he has been noticeably silent regarding the increasing and brazen violence on Chicago’s streets since he’s been president, where law-abiding citizens have been living in fear for some time.

This lack of acknowledgement is telling.  What it says is that in the liberal mind, white lives taken at the hands of criminals using guns in Aurora, Newtown, on the campus of Virginia Tech, and in Oregon have more worth inherently- but more importantly, for gun-grabbing Democrats, politically– than the lives lost in the inner cities of America where large concentrations of minorities live.

It’s the same mentality that drove the circus surrounding the Trayvon Martin murder.  The president- aided and abetted by the media and in conjunction with political hacks and race pimps like Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on- racially trivialized the death of Martin and manipulated the emotions of his family and their supporters regarding the circumstances surrounding Martin’s death.  The attention paid to this incident- sad as it was and prior to knowing all the facts- was out of proportion to the amount in which blacks are victims of violent crimes by white suspects.

It was noted at the time that there was a noticeable lack of attention and coverage by the President, the media, and race pimps alike regarding the insanely high murder rate of blacks who are the victims of other blacks.  This led many people (but not enough) to the conclusion that the lives of black victims at the hands of other blacks weren’t as inherently valuable as those black lives taken at the hands of white suspects.  This conclusion was a transparent indicator that politics is what mattered most.

The same is absolutely true here.  Twelve people were killed in Aurora, and twenty-seven people were killed in Newtown.  While tragic, 532 were killed in Chicago. Mass murder, though tragic and shocking, is rare; gang violence is much more frequent and prevalent.  If the President and his sycophants truly cared about reducing gun violence, dangerous environments like that found in Chicago would have taken precedence and motivated him to executive action some time ago.

This charade isn’t about reducing gun violence whatsoever.  It’s about government control and the reduction of the liberty of law-abiding Americans, period.  And in attempting to do so, President Obama has become the most successful gun salesman in American history.

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