To Liberals, More Is Never Enough

abortion is not health care1 To Liberals, More Is Never Enough

We just ‘celebrated’ the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s murderous decree in the Roe v. Wade case.  Since that spiritually satanic ruling, a number approaching 60-million murders has occurred.  The most damning reality is that this Supreme Court decision has made the murder of the unborn legal.  When President Obama’s former spiritual leader of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, uttered the words asking that “God damn America,” had he been preaching about the killing of our most vulnerable – the unborn, including the partially-born-I might have been one of his cheerleaders. The wrath of God deserves to be poured out on a nation that professes to follow Him yet condones the killing of our most innocent – the unborn.

Way back forty years ago, the issue was a “woman’s right to choose.”   OK, whether or not I agree with the ‘wisdom’ of the legal decision, it became the ‘law of the land.’  But, as the title of my article states, liberals are never satisfied.  They always want more – at the expense of us all.

Had this moral issue stopped with a woman’s ‘right to choose,’ it might not have become the mega-moral nightmare it has become thanks to our current President and his progressive administration.   This President and his goon squad are forcing American employers to pay the cost of providing contraceptives and abortive procedures as part of their employee health insurance packages.  For business owners with religious or personal convictions that oppose the murdering of unborn babies, this is a sin against their God and their conscience.  But, the Obama goons say, “You will do it, or we will crush you with daily fines.”

The tidy liberal name for abortion or killing has always been “pro-choice.”  That, of course, means pro-murder, pro-killing, pro-infant slaughtering.  Excuse me for caring about the most defenseless among us, but I find it repulsive that all of those who are champions of ‘pro-choice’ are probably the same individuals who would spit on a person wearing a fur coat.  ”How dare you selfishly condone killing an animal so that you can wear a coat made of  fur,” they would hiss.  Hypocrisy just doesn’t get much bigger than that.

If a woman wants “morning after” pills, they are legal.  She can either take precautions the “night before,” or she can buy her own pills.  Makes sense to me.

The insanity of this administration’s threat to put companies that do not comply with this Godless mandate out of business defies logic.  They fine a company to the extent that the company finally closes its doors, putting all of the employees out of a job.  That sure doesn’t sound like compassionate governing to me.  It sounds like the outer edges of a dictatorship.

And all of those employees who will suddenly find themselves unemployed will add to the tax burden by applying for unemployment, food stamps, and an endless list of freebies.  Hey, maybe that is really what King Obama wants; but he and the rest of his elite crowd are too dumb to ask this question: if they reach their goal of having everybody at the public trough, who will be left to provide the dollars to buy feed for that trough?

Dale Dawson – ON TARGET NEWS

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  • Francisco

    Besides the inmorality of abortion, today we would have had 60 million more american citizens, paying into Social Security, paying taxes, and who knows how many geniuses were murdered in those 40 years, and how much greater this nation would have been, if those innocents were allowed to have lived amongst us..