Video: Fox Panel Slams Press Corps For ‘Swooning’ Over Obama

Yesterday’s “Fox News Watch” panel took on journalist Michael Hastings’ report that the White House Press Corps engages in “juvenile and amateurish” behavior when around the president, impeding their ability to ask tough questions.

2 comments to Video: Fox Panel Slams Press Corps For ‘Swooning’ Over Obama

  • ItsJo

    It is a true statement that the Whitehouse Press Corps, IS a fawning, awed crowd of Obama supporters, that seem to fall ALL OVER themselves, in their Love Quest. They are NOT reporters, but "Adoring Fans, incapable of actually doing ANY HONEST REPORTING OR QUESTIONING, as they gush uncontrollably-No MATTER WHAT OBAMA DOES TO OUR REPUBLIC.

  • James Coyle

    they remind me of the teenage girls that swooned, fainted, and screamed (to the extent you couldn't hear the show) when the Beatles first hit the US. in 2 words, immature and dumb

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