What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

Obama Appeaser Enemies SC What difference, at this point, does it make?

“What difference,at this point, does it make?”

In the throes of her faux outrage, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made this phrase famous. She uttered it while being questioned about the lies this administration told after four Americans were killed in Benghazi. She acted like a child who was caught in a lie trying to find a way out of any consequences. Whether she realizes it or not, this will register with the low information voter and thus will become her legacy. If you don’t think of this being her legacy, what is the first thing you think when someone mentions her husband Bill?

Why does it matter?

During the months leading up to the murders at Benghazi, Chris Stevens and the Ambassador in Libya were begging for the increased security that was denied by all levels of the State Department; and no one was held responsible. The White House pressured Twitter to pull the Libyan embassy tweets during the murder spree and forced CNN to surrender the Ambassador’s diary they found at Benghazi murder scene. Hillary’s minions hid the survivors of Benghazi from the public and Congress. They denied the existence of any real-time audio and video feed from the compound.  This White House ordered military commanders to stand down from launching a rescue mission.  The administration blamed a video when the world knew that it had nothing to do with the pre-planned attack. Now she is lying to Congress when she said she always said that it was a terrorist attack. But why should that matter?

Why does it matter?

With no fear of retribution from America, al Qaeda forces raided a natural gas plant in Algeria to capture Westerners and most likely was planning to take them to Libya before the Algerian security forces could react to their presence.  The Algerians did manage to contain and kill the terrorist, but not before the hostages were killed. Why does it matter? Terrorist organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda will continue to target Americans whereever they are. They want something, and this White House knows what it is.

What do they have in common?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt made it clear to Barack Obama that they wanted the release of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman. Most likely, the attack on Benghazi was part of al Qaeda’s efforts to kidnap Americans as an exchange for the Blind Sheikh. The Algerian kidnapping attempt was most likely a secondary consideration to punishing the French for their involvement in Mali. The Congressional Democrats’ and their lap dog media’s response is “What difference at this point does it make?” We can’t make the President look bad, even when he ignores the obvious.

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2 comments to What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

  • ItsJo

    Hillary Clinton IS "Obama in a Pantsuit". She is the consumate liar, and she proved she was, when she went out and spoke the Lies that Obama gave her And Susan Rice. They BOTH, along with Obama talked for weeks about 'the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi being the result of some stupid 15 min. trailer on the internet, (that many hadn't Even seen)
    and the producer of this stupid thing, was JAILED on some old charge, to shut him up, when Obama actually endangered
    his life, by making HIM the cause of this vicious Terrorist attack that KILLED FOUR AMERICANS. JUST WHAT WAS OBAMA TRYING TO "COVER UP, THAT WAS GOING ON?" As Obama AND Holder, stonewalled the trafficking of guns to Mexico in the 'Fast and Furious' fiasco of THEIR doing, using this "American Gun Grab",that got Brian Terry KILLED, & Thousands of Mexicans by Drug Cartesl w/. these guns. When will our "Wimpy Congress proceedings against these Two, who cooked up this Gun Scheme??" Shame on the Congress for putting up with this kind of Chicago Thuggery–same with Benghazi- as they feel THEY ARE THE LAW, AND ABOVE IT.

  • ItsJo

    BTW: "Hillary, it DOES make a difference I'm SURE, to the "Four Families WHO had their loved ones killed by your ineptness at pretending you didn't KNOW they asked for help prior to their being killed". Also, when You also, went out and blamed a stupid internet video, as you got your talking points from Obama, as did Rice. MORE BLOOD on YOUR hands, just as Vince Foster's, and your many lies of the past, even 'being fired at by snipers"….consumate liar, Hillary.