Video: Sheriff To America: ‘Forget 911—Arm Yourselves Against Criminals!’

Due to budget cuts and lack of police officers on the streets, a Milwaukee sheriff is telling his constituents to forget about calling 911, and instead take a gun training course and arm themselves against criminals.

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3 comments to Video: Sheriff To America: ‘Forget 911—Arm Yourselves Against Criminals!’

  • Guest

    I always get a laugh out of your little show and tells, Krissypoo. Tell me, given that "Impeachment or resignation" are your options regarding Obama, how's that career of yours going? Looks like you'll never make it out of the sun-baked sh!thole that is lovely Riverside. You're a lifer there. And a Newt fan too…man. Double whammy.

  • Ron

    If people want to see the real truth of why our Government is trying everything they can to take away our second amendment rights along with most of the other constitutional rights we have in this country, one only needs to check out a couple of web sites on the internet to get their answers, view and

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