Video: Important Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama Update

Here, Carl Gallups has an interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse head Mike Zullo. New evidence will apparently convince the greatest skeptic that Obama’s birth certificate was 100% forged…

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  • Francisco

    Zullo is incorrect in saying that the SCOTUS Conferece of February 15, is similar to the previous responses given by SCOTUS, to deny a hearing. The Conference, after originally being refused, was finally accepted to be heard by the full Court. Taitz complains that the Cold Case Posse, has not made available the evidence to her. The question I have is, is the Cold Case Posse jockeing for attention, instead of cooperating with Dr. Taitz ?

    • attemptingreason

      The SCOTUS conference is what has been happening throughout the eligibility saga. The supremes are petitioned in the first stage, and so far each of those petitions related to eligibility has been refused immediately. When a case is re-submitted, the petitioner can request that a particular different judge review the case. So far in all eligibility cases where the second-round resubmission has happened (there have been more than a couple, and this is not Orly's first) the individual justice selected has ordered that the case be docketed for full court conference (which I think is done traditionally to convey the appearance of due diligence, so that the petitioner will not able able to blame the individual justice for the rejection–although it's rumored that "conference" in this case is a formality and that likely most of those cases "conferred" upon never garner a single tiny mention in the full court conference at all). Then after the conference has occurred, in the pattern of each of the eligibility cases submitted to the SCOTUS, the supremes reject the eligibility case without comment. That is, I think, easily the most likely outcome of the amazing, earth shattering conference that Orly has been touting. Ho hum.

      While I suppose one can appreciate the energy the Taitz applies to her pursuit, she has allowed her baseless optimism turn into blatant deceit like this far too many times, so I take some offense that Fransisco would contend that Zullo and the posse are "jockeying." In truth, Taitz has a long established pattern of misleading statements that seek to falsely inflate her infinitesimal chances of success, and she is demonstrably in love with any and all attention she can get in this, constantly pitting herself against would be allies in order to persuade potential donors that she is the one on whom they can pin all their hopes.

      • Elizabeth

        Why don't YOU stand up and be counted in the
        offing of the impostor? Dr. Taitz is not wanting
        the limelight, you fool. You will someday regret
        such a stupid observation.

        Apparently you are clueless, an Obama lover,
        and not really well-researched into the background
        of Dr. Taitz, her life in Russia, and what she has
        accomplished on her own, professionally.

        Are you that widely accomplished? I doubt it.

        Leave her alone; do something constructive
        for this country. She has faced down corruption
        in all parts of the judicial system, and still she
        maintains her strength, not due to seeking
        celebrity status, but due to wanting to save
        this country from fools like you, who do not
        value our freedoms, our law of the land,
        and our history of defending against terrorists
        no matter who or where they are.

        People like you do not deserve a land of
        liberty, justice, and safety from dictatorship.

        • attemptingreason

          Very well, I will admit that Taitz is far more accomplished than I have given her credit for and that she is far more accomplished than I am. Also, at least for the sake of argument, I will take your word that she has no interest in the limelight, and I apologize for suggesting that.

          The key point I wanted to make is that the impending conference in which her case will be considered by supreme court justices is less significant than many people have been lead to believe. My argument with Fransisco was that, in my view, Zullo was not "incorrect" to point out that the conference is thoroughly similar in nature to the few other previous eligibility petitions which were granted the same type of conference and that were, without exception, refused a hearing as a result of those conferences. I felt that Fransisco was unfair to suggest, on that basis, that Zullo was merely jockeying for position.

          I am grateful for the efforts of Taitz to fight on my behalf and on behalf of our constition and the freedom it protects for me. I do not however agree with her strategy to cast practically everything she does in an such an unrealistically optimistic light.

          Other lawyers have fought cases on this front, but many have been willing to admit honestly all the while that various development are not as promising as they might sound. When a lawyer is regularly courting the monetary support of donors, I feel it is incumbent on such a person to garner respect through a sober and grounded interpretation of her chances at various stages in her struggle. Is it too much to ask that she would stop attempting to persuade us that she's always right on the verge of an earth-shattering triumph.

          On that front, I certainly can admit that I am somewhat troubled that Zullo keeps teasing about info that he he as yet unwilling to fully disclose. In that sense, perhaps he too deserves to be scrutinized and doubted by potential donors, but my point is that he was not unfair to inject a realistic assessment of the Taitz's February SCOTUS conference.

          And finally, say what you will, but those who know me personally would radically differ with your conclusions that I am a clueless Obama supporter who does not value freedom or the rule of law, a fool from whom the country must be saved. I long for the day in which it will finally publicly be acknowledged that Obama is a deceiver and a defrauder of Americans who is guilty of perjury with respect to his identity and his claim to eligibility.

    • Elizabeth

      Nobody knows for sure what is the problem with Arpaio's
      lack of cooperation, unless, as once rumored, he
      was offered a deal to forget his own trespasses,
      while ignoring those of Obama.

      If so.. what a guy! what a man! what a traitor!
      If Arizonians want a wimp like that, they deserve
      what they get for law enforcement.

  • jonodough

    enough with the videos, enough with the news conferences, enough with the endless arguing. sheriff arpaio, you are a officer of the law. we have enough evidence. its time you put your money where your mouth is. ARREST OBAMA. go to the whitehouse or wherever he is and arrest him. do what you would do to an ordinary citizen who has broken the law. that you have waited so long to put the handcuffs on obama says you don't really have the balls to do it. enough words. time for action.

    • cabincowboy

      I agree, these "investigations" have been going on for over a year. If we have proof why has nothing been done? These guys are losing their credibility. The best time for action would have been prior to the 2012 election, waiting just gives obama more power.

  • Francisco

    I believe, that with close to a million 'natural born' lawyers that we have in this republic, that they should feel ashamed that an immigrant like Dr. Taitz, is the one that is fighting for our Constitution and our right to know if the president is an usurper or not. This site, should work in cooperation with Dr. Taitz, for I believe that her blog keep us up to date as to the latest legal meneuvering in which she is presently involved.
    This brave woman, is spending her own money, professional time, and exposing her life to the possible retaliation from the Chicago mob, while the majority of our citizens watch Oprah, while the republic goes to HELL !!

  • Jeanette

    This will not be resolved, probably during Obama's lifetime. First, there are about 50 million Americans who don't WANT to know anything that doesn't glorify Obama. They couldn't care less what the truth is. Second, the Republicans cannot investigate any Democrat election fraud (or anything that could be tied in with election fraud, no matter how distantly), because of that agreement they signed 31 years ago … and then kept that agreement quiet for 31 years so that we wouldn't realize that since they can't do anything about Democrat election fraud, we may have to form another party that hasn't signed that agreement.

  • Francisco

    Jeanette, I have heard about this agreement made by the Republicans with their Democratic counterparts, however, if that agreement was a verbal one, not written in a contract, or if the written contract implies that the Republicans would knowingly accept a fraudulent action, implicit in the agreement itself, even if written in black and white, the agreement should be null and void. I am not a lawyer, but I believe an agreement that force one party to be complicit in a possible fraud, is invalid.

  • Guest

    Gosh, wingnuts, maybe the reason why Obama hasn't been and never will be arrested i because all your BIRTHER BULLSH!T hasn't even and never will be anything else besides BIRTHER BULLSH!T.

    Personallky I love Orly Taitz. Every time that lunatic skank opens her yap she costs the GOP another thousand votes.

    • Elizabeth

      Darren, there you go again, anticipating winning the evil war
      fought now on our land, with you actually thinking that
      justice will not prevail..

      There may be 50 million who are pro-Obama, but when
      they are hit where it hurts most, the wallet/pocketbook/
      health premiums/penalties/taxes,

      that is when the confetti hits the fan.

      It won't take Obama's lifetime, to terminate his
      usurping the presidency… If it comes to a delay
      due to Congress being complicit, the other
      250 million will have a lot to say about the
      muslim's upcoming and past agendas for
      their lives.

      This is NOT the 1930's when Hitler dominated
      and terrified the Germans/Jews, and all of
      the people said, "Amen, Hitler, take us away
      to concentration camps. You are our leader."

      Nope.. contemporary Americans are well-read,
      well-informed, and well-able to take on a
      dictator. And Darren, from all over California,
      please crawl back under the rock that Obama
      slithered out from under. You will never see
      the light of day again, when the "guillotine" falls
      upon your head. (unless you remain
      under that boulder for the rest of your days)

  • Francisco

    When Obama is taken out of the White House in cuffs, the degrading moniker of 'birthers' that the socialist elite has given this grassroot movement to humiliate us, would then be considered a badge of honor, which we shall wear with pride until we all die.

  • Francisco

    Thanks moderator !!

    • Elizabeth

      Hi, Francisco, are you thinking I am a moderator?
      I am not.
      As for your posts not being shown,
      are you sure about that?

      Usually, whoever is in charge, only withholds posts
      that are threatening the dictator-in-chief in D.C.

      I know you from Dr. Taitz's site, and your
      posts there are very insightful.

      You should read the latest one on the petition to Congress.

      • Francisco

        Hello Elizabeth
        No , on the contrary, your view of this case, are very similar to my own, so if you were indeed the moderator, it would not make much sense to censure my opinions.
        I also have opined in Dr. Taitz blog, and regularly visit it, in order to keep up with the latest news about the court cases facing the Usurper-in-Chief, for otherwise we would think by watching our 'venerable' national networks, that the whole country, and Obama, are blissfully enjoying a never ending honeymoon. Best regards

        • Elizabeth

          read the post from Glendale OR, on the congress petition.

          That is telling it like it is.

          Yes, we are in a spiritual struggle and if it is ordained
          from above, shall win this battle with the evil empire.

  • Francisco

    Administrator, let me know if my writing are going to be censured from now on, so I do not waste my time here.