I’m An “Allen West American”; Are You?

Allen West Im An Allen West American; Are You?

Allen West makes liberals mad!

And God Bless him for it!

They hate seeing American Black men loudly, proudly defend America, free markets, the Judeo-Christian ethic, and traditional values.

Doing this means no need for central management from the DNC and other communist controllers.

Liberals see Black folks as goose-stepping goons and basket cases on speed dial for their latest “Anything Goes!” schemes.

I often compare him to Malcolm X, another pugilistic plain talker who, unlike the former Congressman, aggressively promoted racial separation before renouncing it.

West promotes racial unity as part of a muscular American nationalism anyone can join.

Every group’s uphill climb, ours included, was so we could be citizens, not flunkies liberals use to extort money and sovereignty from America’s shrinking majority.

Allen West, like the aforementioned Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, shows how one vocal visionary can impact society.

Our generation had barriers swept from our path, which many forefathers died thinking they would never fall.

I call us the first free generation of American Blacks, and we frankly should be much more like West than agitators mumbling division and criminality.

As the first February observance of what I’ve re-named American History Month (aka Black Liberal History Month) approaches, I’ve dedicated it to US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, his generation’s conservative standard bearer.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add I’m an Allen West American- loud and proud when need be!

Allen West answers a rhetorical question I’ve had for years. I ask, “When do we Black folks born here finally call ourselves Americans?”

How about now?


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