Colin Powell’s Command Performance

Colin Powell SC Colin Powells Command Performance

Colin Powell is a Rockefeller Republican and American hero whose race pride and moderate liberalism caused him to support Obama twice.

His recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor was the latest installment of a two-term command performance for Obama.

As a Jim Crow vintage American Black, he sees Obama in the same Messianic haze as the rest of his, my, and the succeeding generation.

Older American Blacks erroneously feel Obama justifies every injustice they’ve experienced. This misapplication of the old school concept of race pride has been tragic to behold.

Obama’s big government policies resonate with the shrinking Rockefeller brand, which puts it at odds with today’s more fiscally conservative GOP (despite George W. Bush’s big spending).

Powell is what most Black Republicans once were: social liberals and moderates who thought the welfare state need a steady hand, as opposed to Democrat free wheeling.

They felt big government just needed the right management team, not reduction. They saw themselves as its careful stewards.

That perspective is at odds with current Republican thinking of any color.

Some speculate Powell is using Obama as revenge for mistreatment at the hands of the second Bush administration regarding his tenure as Secretary of State and his UN weapons of mass destruction presentation.


As an American Black, I know only too well the mania his generation feels while supporting Obama at all costs.

They dangerously equate him as some secular equivalent to Jesus and declare Black opposition as civic sacrilege.

Given Colin Powell’s stellar military, White House, and foreign policy credentials, I hoped he didn’t see himself as a surly slave needing Obama as payback against his oppressors.

That seems a hope in vain.

If we’re brutally honest, Powell’s candid Obamaism merely articulates where many Rockefeller and even conservative Republicans who are Black stand on Obama.

They just won’t openly admit it.

Attacking the GOP as racist, while supporting a president who ignores growing Black suffering under his watch, is hypocritical.

Colin Powell’s command performance on Obama’s behalf shows just how badly American Blacks of his generation and others feel about America.

I understand his command performance because I see it daily in Black culture. Sadly, there is no pause button nor curtain call to halt this spectacle.


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