Despising Obama And The Demo-crack Party

Obama Presidential Seal Podium Speech SC Despising Obama And The Demo crack Party

My maternal grandmother was a patriot who loved America, respected the flag (even standing on arthritic legs when the pledge played on TV), and honored God, whom she reverently called “Father.”

She respected the office of president of the United States even while holding certain occupants in low regard.

She lived long enough to see Obama nominated by the Demo-crack Party, as it finally found the perfect dealer to addict even more Americans than his predecessors.

I despise the man. He’s a racist con artist manipulating Americans, especially Black ones, with low self esteem into giving him more power at their expense.

His two victories prove how dangerous “low information voters” are to free markets and the Republic housing them.

Racist liberals smugly sold Obama to fellow Whites as an “okay” Black man, given he had a White mother.

Black liberal racism watchers fumbled the ball on blowing the whistle about this first of endless slaps in the face.

Are only bi-racial American Blacks “good” enough to be Demo-crack standard bearers?

This fact is overlooked while they hypocritically race-bait conservatives, who ironically support American Blacks with same-race parentage.

Absent this genealogical disclaimer, 2012 may very well have decided Hillary Clinton’s or John McCain’s second term as president.

White liberal racism at the elite level clumsily manifested itself by offering American Blacks a candidate who wasn’t “too” Black and thus acceptable to the Demo-crack coalition of social program dealers and their clientele.

I despise liberal racists who manipulate weak-minded American Blacks and despise weak-minded American Blacks for allowing such manipulation.

Despising Obama means despising the way the Demo-crack party needs the electoral equivalent of crackheads to win elections.

Their racism and communist agenda put the worst right-wing bigotry to shame. At least right-wing bigots are honest about their bigotry!

I despise Obama and the Demo-crack party for trying to destroy America in the name of “equality” and “social justice.”

It looks like they’re succeeding.


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