Janet Napolitano Suggests We Fight Back Against “active Shooters”– With SCISSORS!

Napolitano SC Janet Napolitano suggests we fight back against “active shooters”– with SCISSORS!

In July of 2012, Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) produced a “show and tell” video instructing Americans on the best course of action should they suddenly find themselves in an “active shooter” situation.

Entitled Run, Hide, Fightthe Big Sis-approved, 6 minute epic provided potential victims with crucial advice, such as “run away” and “remain out of sight of the shooter.” Naturally, that’s the sort of counsel only government can provide.

Noticeably absent from the DHS tutorial, however, was any discussion of REAL weapons in the hands of prospective victims. Apparently, firearms were not permitted in the “gun free zone” building chosen by the Mayor of Houston for the making of the Department-sponsored film.

But then, to be fair, one 12 gauge pump did play a part in the video. In fact, it was used by the principal character—a muscular, clean-cut fellow who looked all the world like a former Marine D.I. or Republican congressman until he began mowing down unsuspecting fellow actors. Well, the DHS did warn us about those dangerous returning vets and Constitution-loving, right-wing extremists, didn’t it?!

This week, the Napolitano film crew introduced Options for Consideration, the 2013 version of its Run, Hide, Fight fantasy. Once again, potential victims run, hide, and fight UNARMED just as they had in 2012. But this year’s video lacks the one thing that added a sense of reality to the 2012 offering— the shooter!  Replacing that fearsome looking, faux-Republican in the 2013 video are views of people scurrying to the exits and crawling under desks. But the feel of “authenticity” is lacking.

See, in last year’s film, the scary conservative with the close-cropped hair calmly pulled his 12 gauge tactical pump from a backpack, fired all six shells, and strolled to the next populated area. Now that’s REALISM! After all, any shooter in a Democrat-imposed “gun free zone” KNOWS he has all the time in the world to reload and pick off more targets as no one in the building will be armed and able to threaten him. In fact, the murderous GOP wanna-be in Janet’s movie didn’t even feel the need to use one of those infamous “assault weapons” with a “30 round magazine”!!

But give Big Sis credit for interjecting a little humor this year. For as the serious-sounding narrator advises anyone “caught out in the open” to “try to overpower the shooter with anything at [their] disposal,” the camera actually pans to a hand removing a pair of scissors from a desk drawer!

That’s right! Just as the school-aged children of Barack Obama and other DC politicians are protected by armed guards and 535 members of Congress enjoy armed security throughout the Capitol building, we the wretched refuse are told that we needn’t worry either. For should the unexpected ever happen, all we have to do is open the nearest drawer!

But you’d better hope like Hell you can crawl in! Because scissors aren’t going to help; and if there’s a gun in there, you’ll undoubtedly be SHOT by first responders who are trained so that no “law abiding” citizen could possibly be armed.

Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow.

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