Obama: Boy Scouts Should Expose Homosexuals To Opportunities

Boy Scouts of America SC Obama: Boy Scouts Should Expose Homosexuals to Opportunities

(CNSNews.com) – One day after President Obama said “yes,” he thinks the Boy Scouts of America should admit homosexuals — to expose them to “opportunities and leadership” — dozens of conservative groups are running a newspaper ad, urging the Boy Scouts to “show courage” and “stand for timeless values.”

The 41 conservative organizations, in a full-page ad in Monday’s USA Today, said it would be a “grave mistake” for BSA to change their longstanding policy against having openly homosexual Scout leaders or Scouts.

Read More at CNS News . By Susan Jones.

Photo Credit: Hoffman Estates, IL (Creative Commons)

2 comments to Obama: Boy Scouts Should Expose Homosexuals To Opportunities

  • Francisco

    This new push on the part of Obama, to allow scout leaders who are openly homosexuals, as well as promoting gay marriages, and gays serving openly in the armed forces, might eventually lead him to come out of the closet, and thus be proclaimed our first openly gay, or bisexual president.

    • Guest

      Sorry honey, he's happily married. Troll the GOP for some nice boys if you like. Republican gays are usually the ones yelling loudest about being anti-gay.

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