Republicans Are Content To Be The Liberals’ Lackeys And Judas Goats

John Boehner 3 SC Republicans are content to be the liberals’ lackeys and Judas goats

Republicans have become the Democrats’ lackeys and Judas goats, whose main job is to lead unwitting Republican voters into the liberals’ slaughter pens.  Given reports that Eric Cantor wants the Republican rank and file to see that “Government Can Be Good, Too,”  Karl Rove has announced his intention to pick our candidates; and state level Republicans have run away from any hint of changing the Electoral College vote distribution in their states, making it clear that Republicans cannot be trusted with our future.

These people are more concerned with what the New York Times and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to say about them than the well-being of the suckers that elect them. Elected and celebrated Republicans have become indistinguishable from the nice little old church lady who uses her position as the bookkeeper to steal money from the weekly collections. When we hear these stories, our trust in them is shattered; and we are insulted on many levels. They rub our noses in the stark reality that we now have no one to speak for us. We have no champions of freedom to look to as trusted protectors.

Since we cannot personally sit next to those we send to represent us because we are busy working to support our families, we have to trust people who time and again prove themselves unworthy of our trust. The political integrity of the Republican Party has disintegrated to a point where its talk of  “compromise” with liberals is a question of how much will be taken from us, not IF something will be taken.

Republicans in the House and in state capitals–some who even hold large majorities–have adopted the mentality of a minority because Democrats have mocked and threatened them into cowering in their presence. When Democrats bark at Republicans, telling them they’ll never get the Hispanic vote unless they support erasing the border with Mexico, Republicans in Congress immediately cave and say: “Yes sir boss!”

We are already being told by the Democrat-controlled media that Chris Christie would make a great Republican candidate for president in 2016. Does anyone doubt that we will soon start hearing the same thing from Karl Rove and George Will?

Final thought: Did anyone really expect John Boehner to try to save Allen West?

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