Senate Cybersecurity Report Twists The Facts, Falsely Claims The Support Of Businesses

us capitol building SC Senate Cybersecurity Report Twists the Facts, Falsely Claims the Support of Businesses

Last week, the Senate Commerce Committee issued a report to their chairman, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D–WV), claiming that most businesses supported an approach to cybersecurity similar to his Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (CSA). After reading their report, however, one thing is absolutely clear—most businesses do not support Rockefeller’s approach and the Commerce Committee has only succeeded in twisting the truth.

In September of 2012, Rockefeller sent a letter to the CEOs of the Fortune 500 asking for each company’s position on cybersecurity. Executed in a way that would have made Don Corleone proud, around 300 businesses responded to the Senator’s offer. The Commerce Committee claims that most businesses that responded supported Rockefeller’s “voluntary” system for public-private collaboration on cybersecurity. There are several problems, however, with the committee’s report.

For starters, only 300 out of 500 companies responded. What about the other 200 companies? It is likely that many of these 200 companies didn’t respond because they don’t like Rockefeller’s approach and have no interest in being pawns in the Senator’s game.

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