Video: STUNNING: Obama’s Pick For CIA Is A Converted MUSLIM!

On Tom Trento’s radio show, former FBI agent John Guandolo, who wrote the first Muslim Brotherhood training manual for the FBI, outs John Brennan, Obama’s nominee for CIA Director, as having converted to Islam while working in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Gizmo

    And this surprises us why?!??!

    • Nellie

      No it does not surprise me. This is all part of the predetermined plan of Obama to further reconstruct our nation to his likings and beliefs.

  • upaces88

    The sad thing is…we can't imagine a U.S. President committing acts that help to destroy America. I have read terms like:

    Clueless, incompetent, idiot, inexperienced, etc. He KNOWS exactly what he is doing. He is systematically installing “radical” islamist leadership in every middle-eastern country we are getting involved with. If he is allowed another 4 years, which it is a real possibility, every country in the region will fall under control of the Muslim brotherhood. With China and Russia lurking behind the scenes and Obama being complicit, the rest of the free world will not have the power to resist and will be in grave danger of succumbing to tyranny with little hope for escape. We will then be next. This bill current debated in the Senate will give the president the authority via the military to imprison any US citizen deemed a threat indefinitely without benefit of a trial. There are dozens of FEMA camps that are more akin to prisons than relief centers capable of containing over a million people, on stand-by, right here on our own soil. One word from the president and martial law is imposed, we lose the 2nd amendment and there is no freedom left anywhere on earth.

    Precedent has already been established for the extra-judicial killings of US citizens, just this year with the Awlaki killing.

    He has now implemented the "peaceful" (and I say this in sarcasm) Martial Law. He has more than a clue, he has a plan and the means to carry it out.

  • upaces88

    This is ONLY an excerpt. Please read all of the article:
    Obama Syndicate Plans Imminent Takeover of USA by Islam and Globalists

    While Congress ignores it (or secretly supports it), the US courts continue to fall one by one towards accepting and utilizing Shari’a law in place of US law and the wholly-owned-by-the-totalitarian-Left-and/or-the-Saudis (same thing) media continue their mindless and largely irrelevant programming (to continue the mesmerization of the American people) Obama is openly supporting and assisting the Islamist takeover of the USA. I have been writing about this since prior to the Obama syndicate’s usurpation of the White House. However, it’s comforting to know that my more well-known brethren have at last gotten the message and are now, also, writing about it. In the end, we are all in this together!

    Recently, Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Soeren Kern wrote in his article “Caliphate Conference” Seeks to Islamize Europe, U.S.”: “The explicit aim of the Istanbul Process—currently backed by the Obama administration—is to make it an international crime to criticize Islam. A Muslim fundamentalist group is organizing a conference focused on turning Austria and other European countries into Islamic states.

    “The “Caliphate Conference 2012” will be held on March 10 in the Austrian town of Vösendorf, situated just south of Vienna. The main theme of the event will be “The Caliphate: The State Model of the Future.”

    “The conference is being organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir [Party of Liberation], a pan-Islamic extremist group that seeks to establish a global Islamic state, or caliphate, ruled by Islamic Sharia law.”

    Shortly thereafter, WND published the article “Planning for Islamic Caliphate Begins” in which it exposes a December 2011 Islamist Conference held in Washington D.C.—also with support from Obama—at which Sec. of State Hillary Clinton spoke in favor of the Islamists’ plans to stop anti-Islam speech in the USA. The “Istanbul Process” (also SURPRISE—SURPRISE is supported by the U.N.) would deny anti-Islamic speech, only, and if any anti-Muslim/Islam speech leads to said Muslims rioting and pillaging (which is what they do on a regular basis, anyway) the speaker would be held liable, jailed or worse.

    Continue Reading:

    Sher Zieve
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  • upaces88

    We have "54" Politicians in D.C. who took $ from HAMAS and CAIR for their Campaign (a day or so after this article came out, Pelosi also joined the list).

    See if your representative is on the list:

  • Dan Stewart

    Anyone who thinks obozo is not taking over & destroying the US is dumber than a rock (my apologies to the rock).

  • JacksonPearson

    If it's true that John Brennan is a Muslim, then he doesn't have allegiance to the United States, but to Allah, Muhammad and our enemies PERIOD

  • ★FALCON★

    At the beginning if Brennan's confirmation hearing he gave a long list of his history and accomplishments.

    It started in 1980 as a low level CIA employee – and continued until he left the agency and went into private business – I think security, but may be wrong.

    I am interested to know if he was still in the CIA when 9-11 took place. It doesn't seem likely as Bush then brought him back. I suspect he was brought back due to the fact he was the former CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mr Peepers

    Fits right into this administrations' character…….Lie…..Cheat and Steal…..!!! Another fraud/phony……!!!


    The name Barack Obama means Satan
    Barack Obama is his false name… his real name is Barry Soetoro.

    Barack Obama in Aramaic : Barack : Lightning Obama : From The Heights

    Barack Obama = Lightning from the heights

    From the book of Isaiah in the bible… who's named Lightning from the heights? SATAN.

    Ain't that a sick joke that Barry Soetoro chose SATAN as his fake name?

  • Bloodless Coup


    Obama's DHS is using Your Tax Dollar to Form a Cyber Army (Over 3,500 People) to Target Anti-Obama Sites