Christopher Dorner: Racist Time Bomb

Christopher Dorner SC Christopher Dorner: Racist Time Bomb

In declaring his one-man war against the LAPD, etc. Christopher Dorner became the tactical equivalent of a Crip or Blood, ironically his opponents (we assume) while a Los Angeles police officer.

His litany of civil rights abuses isn’t license for a chocolate Klansman killing spree, where he terrorizes others for his own benefit!

I wonder if this self-deluded racial “crusader” has given a millisecond thought to how his rampage endangers other Black men.

If LA is as racist as his manifesto purports, his rampage means Black men will now feel even more racist wrath than before.

Our generation was force-fed a steady diet of Marxist garbage under the guise of Black “liberation.”

One consequence of this force-feeding is a seething anger toward American Whites, which the Left won’t readily admit.

I don’t think the 1990s vintage “Black Rage” defense will be trotted out in this case, but you never know!

The liberal paradigm dictates that the conservative White man is the author of our despair. That explains the hero worship Dorner’s rampage is getting from homeboys and hippies from coast-to-coast.

They see him as a “freedom fighter” instead of a super-thug using his police and military training to terrorize others.

I see nothing to applaud here as an American Black man. Advocates as diverse as the civil rights movement and even the Black Muslims under the late Elijah Muhammad agreed that attacking police was wrong.

Black men waging war against law enforcement obviously thrill pork chop revolutionaries like the New Black Panther Party.

For those of us attempting to contribute to society, Dorner’s rampage is a tremendous step backward.

Black liberal police reform activists should ask themselves what the blowback of this case will be.

Police departments may begin scrutinizing Black officers who protest too loudly about injustice. On the street, Dorner’s hero worship may translate into increased wariness toward Black male subjects.

The last thing Black male/police relations in America needed was yet another reason for officers to view us as high security risks.

That usually doesn’t end very well in use-of-force cases.

Christopher Dorner is the racist time bomb sixties radicalism set in the American Black subconsciousness.

Like a real-life character from the 1969 Black nationalist revenge novel “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”, Dorner infiltrated law enforcement and the military with a chip on his shoulder as volatile as plutonium.

Defusing racist time bombs within Black people and Black culture is why I call my dialogue with urban men “Make Peace With America.”

The absence of said peace writes bloody inner-city headlines daily and also scripts crossover carnage like Dorner’s.

Stay tuned.


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