The Looming Battle For Iran

Map Iran SC The Looming Battle for Iran

Iran’s politicians are engaged in an epic squabble that threatens to turn the country upside down just a couple weeks before national elections. Over at Foreign Policy, Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar does a great job summarizing what’s happening:

During an unprecedented debate at the parliament, which ended in mayhem and the dismissal of the labor minister, Ahmadinejad played a video that implicated the powerful Larijani brothers, two of whom head the judiciary and legislative bodies, of corruption and nepotism. Sunday’s impeachment put Ahmadinejad’s remaining presidency in danger since many of his allies in the cabinet have had similar fates. At this fiery session that was being broadcast live on state radio, he threatened and eventually played the video to prove a backroom deal that involved the Larijani family. In response, the speaker of the parliament accused Ahmadinejad of mafia type activities and did not allow him to continue. Ahmadinejad angrily left the parliament and moments later 192 out of 272 members of parliament voted in favor of the impeachment. […]

Ahmadinejad told the parliament that he came to “tell the people that the president you have selected is under the power of the speaker of the parliament [Ali Larijani].” A few months ago, in another showdown with the establishment, he attacked Larijani for claiming that international sanctions have had no effect on Iran’s shamble of an economy (Iran’s currency has plummeted by about 50 percent in the past year), condemned the security and military apparatus for “entering the political arena,” and slammed the state-controlled TV for blaming him for the all country’s problems. […]

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