Democrat-controlled Media Smothering Truth About Our Murder Rates

Team Obama Squad Liberal Media SC Democrat controlled media smothering Truth About Our Murder Rates

When Jamie Foxx gleefully spoke about getting to “kill all the White people” in his latest film, it was ignored by the Leftist media the way parents ignore the babble of an angry three year old. To Liberals, blacks are tall children incapable of committing any wrongful act because their great, great grandparents were slaves.

This paternalistic attitude may have been necessary and defendable for actual slaves set free after the Civil War; but by the dawn of the 20th century, the grandchildren of black slaves were moving into the middle class in some parts of the country. Woodrow Wilson and W.E.B. Dubois changed that with lies and deceit and put Blacks back on their knees where they have been at the mercy of Democrats ever since.

With the election of Barack Obama, the attitude blacks have toward whites is changing again. The increase of black-on-white crime that is not being talked about by the white Democrat-controlled media is causing major problems. Whites are running away from America’s big cities, which are imploding – look at Detroit.

These cities are becoming hollow shells that are uninhabitable because blacks are killing whites in “retribution” for the miserable existence they endure living in cities controlled by Democrats.

The FBI’s National Crime Victimization Survey and The Department of Justice’s Uniform Crime Reports have released data that shows a rising criminal hostility toward whites among blacks.

The data is clear. Those who would ignore them or argue they are irrelevant must assume the burden of proof.

Blacks kill at a rate seven times higher than other races do. They are three times more apt to employ a handgun and twice as likely to use a knife in the commission of a crime.

For every black killed by a white, there are 39 whites killed by a black. Robberies are virtually all committed by blacks as the ratio of black robbers to white robbers is 136 to one.

In 2010, the ratio of blacks killing whites was over 2 to 1. While this is bad enough, when relative population size is factored in, the rate is stunning.

Blacks make up approximately 12.6% and whites make up 72.4% of our population. There are just .174 blacks for each white. This means blacks exceed their statistically expected murder rate by 388%.

Democrat John Conyers of Detroit has renewed the demand for reparations for years of slavery. These demands serve only to deflect the justifiable anger Blacks feel toward their modern-day slave masters in the Democrat Party and redirects it toward whites in general, whom the Democrats have written off as a voting constituency.

As a society, we can either face this problem or keep burying innocent people. We know what the Democrats want to do; but sadly, it seems that the Republicans are following them.

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