Opening Up A Can Of Worms: Gay Scouts Of America

Boy Scouts of America SC Opening up a can of worms: Gay Scouts of America

Thank you to over 250 readers who wrote their histories of homosexual assaults and to the readers who feel spitting angry over the “Gay” community’s attack on the Boy Scouts of America.

Opening up my personal life encouraged hundreds of other readers to share their stories. I will stand by my original statement: homosexuals prey on young boys. One fellow on my Facebook page said he “de-friended” me because I was “homophobic.” Incorrect! If you’re gay and you maintain your integrity by staying within the gay community, fine with me. I wrote that piece to expose the fact that gays continue their predatory practices on normal, straight young men—just like I experienced in my youth. Homosexuals continue their predatory methods in 2013. I would like to save any young men from being forced into performing some really emotionally shattering sexual acts or being acted upon by the likes of Jerry Sandusky who assaulted and sodomized teenagers in the shower room for over 20 years. He got away with it because no one reported him or they were afraid for their jobs or maintained political correctness to the god of Penn State football.

If you think I’m going to bow to political correctness such as “accepting” illegal immigration, accepting that gays respect straight young men or continued trampling of the U.S. Constitution by our current president, you would be dead wrong.

This is a sampling of reader responses:

Ron, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology said, “The gays don’t recognize pedophilia because it is a natural thing for them to be attracted to young boys. There is an organization called NAMBLA, North America Man Boy Love Association, which advocates relationships with very young boys. Their motto is “If not before eight, then it is too late.” A gay scout organization is a good alternative. Agree 100% with you.”

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