Multiculturalism Claims Victory Over Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day SC Multiculturalism claims victory over Valentines Day

Children at one Massachusetts elementary school are no longer able to celebrate Valentine’s Day – or any other holiday, for that matter – because of concerns for cultural sensitivity.

Parents recently received a letter from school administrators explaining there are “many different nationalities, cultures, and languages spoken” at the school; therefore, “we don’t honor specific holidays.”

Somehow, the exchange of friendly cards and chalky hearts is deemed offensive to the politically correct, multicultural, perpetually outraged leftists in the public school system.

The school’s principal said instead of purchasing cards designed specifically for Valentine’s Day and available at virtually any retailer across the nation, these kids must bring a “friendship card” to a revamped celebration.

“I wanted to make sure that every single student is given the opportunity to get a card and also give a card,” she said. “I didn’t want some students feeling left out.”

One retired teacher spoke for those nostalgic of a more traditional time in America.

“I am so glad I am retired,” she said. “I don’t think I could stand all the bans in the schools today.”

The principal noted a large population of the school’s students don’t speak English, and she was afraid they “wouldn’t understand the concept of having to bring a card or get a card.”

The act of giving and receiving cards still remains, though, so I’m not sure how she is dealing with this perceived problem by merely removing any references to Valentine’s Day.

Despite logic that strikes me as questionable at best, the school district’s superintendent is on board with the holiday ban, explaining there are “certain traditions we have to modify and adapt.”

This nation has undergone so much modification in the name of inclusivity that those expressing traditionally American views and beliefs are the only ones now excluded.
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1 comment to Multiculturalism Claims Victory Over Valentine’s Day

  • Dan Stewart

    WTF!! Kick the administrators & principals collective asses. 'Some students don't speak english?', WTF are they doing in school, they should learn english first. What's next, all the students have to learn spanish so the illegal aliens don't feel left out.