Video: Obama AWOL At Chris Kyle’s Funeral!

Chris Kyle was credited with the most sniper kills ever, and his Commander in Chief was AWOL as he supposedly was during Benghazi as well. Sarah Palin took the time to attend; that says all you need to know about Bozo.

2 comments to Video: Obama AWOL At Chris Kyle’s Funeral!

  • MSM_Lies

    If a GOP President had failed to attend the funeral of an American hero, it would be on the Liberal News all day, every day for a month. This is just another example of the disgusting behavior of the fraud Obama.

  • Dan Stewart

    This just shows the kind of contempt the bummer has for America & Americans. It also shows how low the 'slime stream media' has sunk. If the bummer took a crap on the alter of a church, the 'slime stream media' would report that he had given a sizeable donation to the church.